What I ate today – Real Food inspirations from (my) Real Life

What I ate today – Real Food inspirations from (my) Real Life

The first pillar of my work is Real Food: Whole, traditional and mainly unprocessed foods as provided by mother nature. But… what does that mean concretely? And how to make it work in “real life”?

In this blog, I post Real Food examples from my Real Life – NOT because that is exactly how YOU should be eating (pillar 2 of my work is “Biochemical Individuality”: the fact that there is no “one-size-fits-all healthy diet), but simply to inspire you and give you concrete ideas. I am a Mixed Metabolic Type, so my diet should work for many of you (or at least not hurt), when it comes to the “big two”: Food Quality and Macronutrient Balance (proportions between carbs, proteins and fat). Please bear in mind though that I do not have any food sensitivities and eat everything (bread, cheese, nuts, meat…), just not in any quality. So you might have to adjust to your specific needs and/or Metabolic Type.

I also share some of my shopping and cooking processes with you, so you see that it all can actually be done without spending enormous amounts of time nor money. 

Most of it is text, only a few pictures, since my photography skills (or the quality of my phone’s camera?) are rather limited ;). You find the most recent day at the top, so if you want to read chronologically, you have to start at the bottom. 

Happy exploring and experimenting!

Saturday 2nd of February

  • 8:30 waking up refreshed with a whole weekend of NO other PLAN ahead than enjoying myself. After a piece of chocolate and a hot chocolate (cacao powder, gelatin, butter, water), I sit down to write a list of things I absolutely feel like doing this weekend. Plus a few I “have” to do. Top on the list: taking a walk in the woods to reconnect to nature, move my body and enjoy the snow. “Reading by candle light is next, followed by “calling mum”. On the “have to” side is some grocery shopping and preparing some food (I also enjoy those, but without them keeping me from my actual “wants”). I ask my body what it would want to eat this weekend (taking into account what I have already), and it shouts salmon, rice, spinach and mushrooms. Since the salmon still has to unfreeze and the rice to soak, this will be for tomorrow… I made broth yesterday, so there will be soup, too (I already have all the ingredients for that). I feel into my body what it would like to do with the left-over meat from the broth, and it tells me to combine it with purple onions (really addicted to those since a few months), tomato paste, potatoes and egg… ok, so I need to buy onions and potatoes, too. 
  • 9:30: Breakfast: Last portion of potatoes, broccoli, onion, mackerel dish that I “efficiency-cooked” a few days ago.
  • 10am: After that I get ready for doing the shopping: it has to happen today, since tomorrow the shops will be closed, and also because I need a few things to do the cooking later. It only takes me 10min to gather the onions, potatoes, oyster mushrooms and kale (the spinach was from France and 2x as expensive as the kale, so I decided to switch after having checked in with my body and received its ok). I also need to buy new cat litter, which is the only item I still buy at Carrefour.
  • 10:30: Back home I realize that my period has arrived (I felt it coming for a few days…). I am quite low energy and for a moment ponder whether I should change plans and go back to bed instead of for a walk, but I decide that I still really want to breathe some fresh air and say hi to the trees. I prepare some food: a big piece of goat cheese with some raisins and walnuts, and 2 big tablespoons of home-made hummus plus 2 purple carrots. Normally I am not such a fan of cold, raw foods, especially in winter, but I really want to get going now and not lose any more time cooking. I also refill my glass water bottle with water from my Berkey, and off I am.
  • Between 11-14: I have my two snacks while allowing myself to be guided by my heart and intuition (I had to abandon my original destination because of a tram problem), discovering new paths and sights and enjoying myself tremendously, despite a bit of discomfort in my belly and being low in energy. I just take it very slow and easy.
  • 14:30: Back home and first thing I have is a big cup of my beef broth! So warm and nourishing! Then I really feel like resting, while warming up my cold feet in a delicious epsom salt foot bath and taking a castor oil pack on my belly and liver. 
  • 16:30: When I wake up again, I am hungry, so I go down into the kitchen, take 2 lentil-oat-burgers (I also efficiency cooked a whole batch of those a few days ago), a Brazil nut and one of the eggs I boiled yesterday. Then I filter the broth and chop up the celeriac and butternut squash I bought already on Tuesday to make soup. While the soup is on I take a delicious hot shower. When the soup is ready I add coconut milk and season it to taste.
  • 17:30: I enjoy a big bowl of the soup with pumpkin seeds on top. 
  • 18:45: Dessert: “jello” (apple-pear juice brought to a boil with gelatin and then cooled down) with a bit of home-made milk kefir and a spoon of almond flour, before lighting a candle and indulging in my book for the rest of the evening.

Friday 18th of January

  • 9:30: Millet with mushrooms and pak choi, egg, comté and 1/2 avocado. Supplements: Synergy Com and cod liver oil 
  • 13:30: Pumpkin-carrot-leek-ginger-coconut soup with 2 lentil-oat-cabbage-chicken burgers
  • 18:30: Brussels sprouts with red onions, potato, apple and kefir (left-over from yesterday), small bowl of the pumpkin soup and 1/2 lentil burger (left-overs from lunch)

Thursday 17th of January

  • Being woken by my cat at around 8. Feels like it is 6 (was in bed only by midnight yesterday). I have some water and at 8:30 I go to the kitchen for my milk thistle-bee pollen-tigernuts mix and a hot chocolate (1 tsp cacao, 1 tsp collagen, cinnamon, butter, hot water). 
  • 9:30: Breakfast: I am hungry and thinking about what my options are. I still have soup, but forgot to defrost the lentil burgers (and no toaster in the house yet), so this will only be for later in the day. I have chicken and veggies and millet, but that seems like too much time and work to cook now (so leave it also for later in the day, probably lunch). The quickest and easiest seems to be to cook the Brussels sprouts I bought yesterday plus a purple onion, and to combine this with apple and left-over potato from yesterday and for protein add the milk kefir I still have in the fridge. The milk kefir is quite liquid, so while the sprouts are boiling, I hang it over a jar in a cloth to let the whey drip off, transforming it into a kefir-cream-cheese. While all of this is preparing, I snack on a piece of apple with some almonds. 15min later it’s all ready and I have half of what I made. 
  • 10:45: after my morning routine I take a glass of home-made kombucha (fermented tea)
  • 13:00: lunch consisting of pumpkin-carrot-leek-ginger-coconut soup with pumpkin seeds and 2 lentil-oat-cabbage-chicken burgers. I found a little chicken bone in the lentil burgers – does this win me a Crown?
  • 17:00: Early dinner since evening activity later: millet with chicken and vegetable (onion, garlic, mushrooms, pak choi) curry in coconut milk. mjam
  • 22:30: few chestnuts with comté cheese before bed

Wednesday 16th of January

  • After a good night’s sleep I wake up at 8.15. I am really hungry, so after some sips of water, I immediately go down to make myself breakfast (no deep sea water nor milk thistle seed mix). It’s quickly done, since I only need to warm up a pumpkin-carrot-leek-ginger soup I made a few days ago and grab 2 of the lentil-oat-cabbage-chicken burgers that I defrosted since yesterday in the fridge. Supplements: 1 vit B-complex, 1 tsp omega 3 fish oil, 1 vit D3+K2 and 1 vit C.
  • 12:30: I do not really have anything ready-to-eat in the fridge anymore, just pak choi, mushrooms and fish waiting to be cooked, but 1. no time for cooking (client coming at 13:30) and 2. missing potatoes to complete that meal. So having a “comfort” meal of fine oats with a piece of 85% chocolate and some raisins crumbled into them and full-fat milk (Zuiver Zuivel brand: non-homogenized, slightly pasteurized) on top (left-over from fermentation workshop). I also have some coconut butter with another piece of chocolate (98% this time) plus my milk thistle-bee pollen-tigernuts mix
  • 15:00 After the client session I do food shopping: besides potatoes I also take red onions, fennel, Brussels sprouts and apple (want to make a dish with Brussels sprouts, apple, onion and potato and also warm fennel-apple-onion salad), plus a piece of comté and some grains (millet, barley and quinoa). 
  • 17:00 Really hungry since not “proper” lunch, so make an early dinner consisting of 1.5 potatoes with salt and butter, a big serving of pak choi, mushrooms, onions and garlic and a big piece of fish from Pintafish (cooked in ghee). While cooking I snack on a small raw carrot with a bit of tahin and a small piece of comté
  • 20:30: Small snack before Salsa: Glass of kombucha, 3 chestnuts with coconut butter and the left-over 1/2 potato with butter and salt

Tuesday 8th of January

  • I wake up at around 4am and cannot manage to fall back asleep. At around 5.30 I get up for my milk thistle-bee pollen-tigernuts mix plus a bit of 98% chocolate and coconut butter and a hot chocolate (cacao powder, collagen, butter, water). Dozing another couple of hours.
  • Breakfast at around 8: Purple potato- leek soup (with chicken bone broth and butter) with a bit of minced meat (beef) and pumpkin seeds
  • 12:30 lunch at friend’s house: soup from Chinese cabbage with parmesan, gluten-free quiche with tuna plus veggies on the side. I only eat the filling of the quiche and leave the dough. My friend has absolutely no problem with that and I make it clear in a gentle way that I appreciate her effort but rather not have quiche in the future (usually she prepares veggies with some sort of protein and starch). 
  • 16:30: I made a new big batch of lentil burgers. This time they are made from red lentils, oats, flax seeds with green cabbage, onions, chicken and coconut milk. I have one as a snack.
  • 18:00: Salad from 1/2 big pear and 1/2 fennel plus milk kefir. Big bowl of the potato-leek soup with minced meat.
  • 23:00: Up late and getting hungry again. Since I cannot sleep when hungry, I take another lentil burger

Thursday, 3rd of January

  • After a very bad night (falling asleep only after midnight, waking up several times during the night…) I am woken by a whatsapp message at 7.30… I must have forgotten to put my phone on flight mode (as I usually do)… Anyways, it’s good, since I had planned to go up early to finally go to the town house to finish some administrative stuff… So I take a quick shower and warm up the other half of the potato-leek-mackerel-olive oil dish I had yesterday evening.  
  • 10:30: back from the town house and in the mood for a small snack and a hot drink. Hesitating between my usual hot chocolate and a (good tasting) liver herbal tea mix. The choice goes for the liver tea, not just because I woke up to my period this morning (and supporting the liver is good during this natural cleansing phase of the body), but also because for a long time I have been aware that chocolate / cacao is not actually doing me so much good and that at this very moment I do not really want/need it and would have just had it out of habit. I still like the “creamy” experience though, so I blend my tea with collagen and butter, as I would have done with the cacao, and enjoy it like this. As a snack, I add my liver-supporting milk thistle-bee pollen-tigernuts mix, which is actually quite tasty, and so my body and my mind are happy.
  • 11:30: Early lunch, since yoga class at 12:30: 1 rice roll plus lactofermented cabbage and tahin-soy sauce. Supplements: 1 vit B-complex.
  • 15:00: back from yoga and another 1/2 rice roll with some cabbage and sesame-soy sauce. Plus a cup of my delicious chicken broth. Supplements: 1 tsp omega 3 fish oil, 1 vit D3+K2 and 1 vit C. While I am eating, I heat the oven to bake the sourdough bread I prepared yesterday. 

  • 17:30: Early dinner, since another yoga class planned. Still have lots of pumpkin-green celery soup (I made 5.5 liters… and no, not getting tired of it ;)). No more lentil burgers, but freshly baked rye sourdough bread to go with it (it is yellow, cause I experimented adding turmeric too it – good, but next time I will use less…), plus raw cheese and a boiled egg (Yes, you can eat eggs every day if you tolerate them, cause saturated fats and cholesterol are actually good for you. Read more here).
  • 22:00: Another bowl of pumpkin soup before bed

Wednesday, 2nd of January

  • 6am: As so often, my cat wakes me up too early, but I take advantage of that short moment to have my sip of deep sea water + water, before going back to sleep for a few more hours… 
  • 8:30am: Up and in the kitchen to warm up breakfast! As you know by now, I am a big fan of WARM and hearty breakfast, because I like to feel warm (rather than cold as after yogurt+muesli) and to keep my blood sugar stable for longer. As you also know by now, I can eat anything anytime, and often interchange breakfasts, lunches, dinners… so breakfast is what I had yesterday for dinner: pumpkin-green celery soup (with coconut milk and broth) plus the last 2 lentil burgers, cheese and egg. While the soup is warming up, I have my milk thistle-bee pollen-tigernuts mix. I also launch a new batch of chicken broth.
  • 9:30: I feel like a hot chocolate, so I make one consisting of 1 flat teaspoon of cacao powder, collagen, cinnamon and a small piece of butter, all blend up in the blender. Supplements: vit C, vit D3+K2 and omega 3 fish oil.
  • 10:45: I have a friend over and we spend 2 hours talking, sipping on raspberry leaf tea (great for progesterone ;)). 
  • 14:00: As I said 2 days ago, I am going to make rice rolls. I take out the chicken that has been boiling since this morning. By now the meat is falling off the bones. I put the bones back into the broth, for some more cooking. In my cast iron pan I cook purple onions with mushrooms, pak choi and garlic. I also boil a bit of rice noodles and start cooking (a part of) dinner in parallel (boiling purple potatoes and cooking leeks in the pan). When all is ready, I dampen rice paper, put the ingredients (chicken, mushroom-pak choi-onion mix, rice noodles), and start rolling everything up. This part is still tricky… but slowly getting better at it (I tend to put too much of the ingredients and then the rolls fall apart…). I make 4 big rolls and have 1 for lunch together with my lactofermented cabbage plus the tahin-soy sauce. Supplement: B-complex.
  • 18:30: Purple potatoes (mashed with a fork, salt and the left-over olive oil from a jar dried tomatoes) mixed with leeks and half of a jar mackerel
  • 20:30: I feel like a little snack before bed: 2 chestnuts and 2 small chunks of coconut butter. Magnesium supplement
  • Midnight: Still tossing and turning in my bed… and getting hungry again. Maybe I didn’t eat enough throughout the day and that’s why I cannot sleep? Sneaking into the kitchen and having another milk thistle seed-bee pollen-tigernuts serving, plus a piece of dark chocolate, coconut butter and a small glass of almond milk. After that, finally able to fall asleep.

Tuesday, 1st of January

  • 11am: New Years Brunch: left-over sushis with tahin-soy sauce, Oyster mushrooms, tempeh, lactofermented cabbage plus ginger-turmeric tea
  • 14h: Big portion of coconut butter (almost too much) plus chestnuts and 1/2 pear
  • 18:30: Back at home: Pumpkin-green celery soup with coconut milk and broth, 2 lentil-oat burgers, raw cheese and 1 egg

Monday, 31st of December

  • 6am: Waking up early, not intending to go up yet, but already taking my deep sea water + water that is always sitting next to my bed plus the milk thistle-bee pollen-tigernuts mix.
  • 7.30am: I really cannot sleep anymore… taking advantage of those quiet early morning hours to do my yearly New Years Tarot ritual. But first get myself some breakfast: Pumpkin-green celery soup with coconut milk and home-made bone broth plus 2 lentil burgers, cheese and an hard-boiled egg.
  • 12h: Last mini portion of mashed potatoes with stew meat and dark sauce plus some extra purple onions. Another portion of pumpkin soup. I take advantage of being in the kitchen to prepare the foods I am taking to the friend I am going to spend New Years Eve with. Most of it is ready: the wild salmon has already been defrosting since yesterday, the home-made lactofermented cabbage is ready in a jar, so I only need to mix tahin with soy sauce and water to make an absolutely delicious sauce.
  • 12.30: Doing some quick food shopping, since tomorrow shops will be closed. Since I made A LOT of the tahin-soy sauce, I presume I will have left-over sauce, so I buy ingredients for rice rolls (because the sauce goes well with those, too): mushrooms and pak choi (I still have the rice paper and noodles at home). I wanted to buy chicken legs with that, but then I see there is a whole chicken at 50% discount for rapid consumption (until the 2nd of Jan) and decide that this is too good a deal to leave it. I also take one leek to make leek-potato-stoemp with the 3 purple potatoes I still have. That’s it… Back home I quickly take care of the chicken, take off the skin, take out the breasts and freeze them, put the legs, wings and carcass on the bottom of the fridge to make broth once I am back home. 
  • 15h: In the train heading to my friend’s home, I snack on some chestnuts and coconut butter chunks
  • 19h: For New Years Eve we are making sushi! I brought sustainably caught, wild Alaskan salmon, which we combine with sushi rice, cucumber, avocado and then roll it all up in roasted Nori seaweed sheets. Combined with my lactofermented red cabbage and a sauce made from tahin (sesame butter), soy sauce and water, this is a delicious, healthy, filling meal that keeps me full just until midnight (then I snack on a few more left-over sushis).
  • Drinks this evening: tea from fresh ginger and turmeric 😉

Sunday 30th of December

  • 7.30am: As usual I take my deep sea water – water mix and a few minutes later my milk thistle-bee pollen-tigernuts mix (1/2 tablespoon of each).
  • 8am: Today I have a long day ahead working outside, so I figured I will take a hearty breakfast that will keep me warm from the inside! I happen to have a left-over portion from a Christmas dinner I shared with a dear friend a couple of days ago: deer-stew meat in a heavenly brown sauce, mashed potatoes, Belgian endives and broccoli. I add some of my lactofermented sauerkraut. Absolutely yummy, even that early in the morning! If you have never tried a “real meal” for breakfast, do it, it is absolutely fantastic and nourishing, especially in winter. Supplements: HCL to help me digest the meat and a teaspoon of cod liver oil for vitamin D.
  • 11am: Working outside makes hungry, so I have a few chunks of coconut butter and 3 chestnuts as a snack.
  • 13:15: Collective lunch! I brought pumpkin-green celery soup (with home-made bone broth and coconut milk) for everybody. Since I do not eat wheat (and people often bring regular bread, quiche, cake…), I also brought 3 of my lentil-oat-burgers plus some raw cheese and an hard-boiled egg to go with the soup (just for myself…).
  • 17:30h: Work finished! A bit more coconut butter plus a mandarine to keep me going the time it takes to get home!
  • 19h: Dinner = the second portion of what I cooked yesterday: purple potatoes with lots of salt and butter, purple carrots, onions and white fish. Plus a Synergy Com (multi-vitamin/mineral for my Metabolic Type). Raspberry leaf tea with 1 tsp of honey.
  • 20:30: Still wanting “something”: 3 chestnuts and a piece of cheese

Saturday 29th of December

  • Around 7.30: As usual I start my day with a sip of deep sea water and a glass of water, just after waking up (both bottles are sitting next to my bed). The deep sea water helps me balance my electrolytes and adrenal glands, so I better absorb the water I drink.
  • When I finally manage to get out of bed around 8.00, I take a mix of 1/2 tablespoon of milk thistle seeds (for liver detox), 1/2 tablespoon of bee pollen (for vitamins/minerals) and 1/2 tablespoon of tigernuts (for the taste). I also take 2 walnuts and a piece of 85% dark chocolate. I prepare my morning hot chocolate consisting of 1 teaspoon of pure cacao powder, 1 teaspoon of collagen/gelatin (for gut health), a small piece of butter and hot water, all blended up in the mixer. This is not yet my real breakfast, but just something to fill my stomach before I proceed with a morning routine. 
  • Breakfast at 9: Soup from parsley root, parsley, bone broth and coconut milk, 2 lentil-oat-vegetable burgers with tahin and raw milk cheese, 1 egg. Supplements: B-Complex, Vit C, Vit D3+K2 and omega 3 fish oil
  • Late lunch at around 15h: another lentil burger with tahin, cheese and dried tomato, pumpkin soup made with broth and coconut milk (By the time I finished with a client, I was starving, so just grabbing what was left from yesterday)
  • Dinner at 19h: 2 purple potatoes with a big chunk of butter and salt, purple carrots and onions, piece of white fish baked in ghee. Prepared double, so will have the same tomorrow evening. Dessert: a few chunks of coconut butter, 2 walnuts and chestnuts, a raspberry leaf tea with 1/2 teaspoon honey. Supplements: Magnesium

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