The special satisfaction in working with young women

The special satisfaction in working with young women

While I love working with women of all ages, and most of my clients are in their 30’s or 40’s, there’s a special kind of satisfaction in working with women that are in their 20’s or even in their Teens.


I have this one client, a young woman in her mid-twenties, that I have been working with since last summer. I can see my old self in her in so many ways. Which is why it is so deeply satisfying to see her transform before my eyes. Even though she is still struggling (to a much lesser extent though) with the physical issues that brought her to me in the first place, and even though she sometimes feels like she is not progressing, I can recognize the huge progress she is making inside, because I have gone through it, too. Sooner or later, this cannot but translate into outer changes as well. Lately she has been able to see how she is indeed in a phase of transition and that the pain she is finally allowing herself to feel and to move through is nothing but growing pain, the pain of finally digesting old experiences, of letting go of old hurts.


We are hardly talking about food anymore these days. Because ultimately it is NOT about the food. Sure, what we eat matters. It matters a lot. It can support or sabotage the circumstances in which optimum health, well-being and fertility are possible. This is why we did in fact focus a lot on that part in the beginning of our work together: increasing food quality, exchanging processed foods for Real Foods, including healthy fat and protein at every meal, including more animal foods, testing for food intolerances and getting rid of reactive foods, including specific supplements and gut healing substances… Yet ultimately, the way we do food is just a metaphor of how we do Life. The symptoms we experience in the body are just pointing to some deeper issues. The real treasures are to be found in the emotional and spiritual realms. And so instead of about food, we talk about work and how to be more authentic, relationships and how to be more assertive, emotions and how to get back in touch with the body to actually feel them, how to distinguish them from one another and how to deal with them. We challenge foundational beliefs around how the Universe works, self-worth, sexuality… And so much more. All of this then allows the dietary and lifestyle changes to unfold their maximum effect. And suddenly, where there’s been resistance before to implement certain changes, things start to shift all by themselves, once the bigger, underlying topics have been addressed sufficiently. Nothing ever goes away until we have learned the lesson it is here to teach us. Suddenly she notices how a certain food really doesn’t work for her and is able to finally let it go. Suddenly she notices that her apartment has always smelled moldy and might not be the healthiest place for her to live. Suddenly she realizes that sleep and quiet-time are not a luxury, but an essential for her health and well-being, and she intentionally blocks out time in her agenda for both. Which then of course again accelerates healing both in the physical and in the emotional body.


This is a long and slow process and wanting to cut corners usually backfires or simply doesn’t work – at least not in the long run. I used to be – and sometimes still find myself – impatient to produce tangible results for my clients quickly. After all, that would make me look like a great coach and would make them want to continue working with me (or send me lots of clients), right? Well, I am not the one doing the work. I never have and never will. I am more and more learning that my true value for my clients, especially for my female clients, and especially for my young female clients, is to model to them that things take time and that all we need to do is to be curious instead of judgmental, to trust our own worthiness, to trust that we deserve the fulfillment of our hearts’ deepest desires, to trust the process and to allow things to come to us in their own time and space. The more I believe this myself, the more I embody this belief and the easier it is for my clients to feel and believe this, too. The sooner a woman is able to learn this – not just to know it on an intellectual level, but to feel it to be true in every cell of her body – the easier she can recover the access to her true Feminine power and the less she needs to suffer from symptoms provoked by an imbalance in her masculine and feminine energies, whether those manifest as disordered eating, body image, fatigue, weight, digestive or fertility issues.


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