Thank you for being part of my journey!

Thank you for being part of my journey!

It`s Thanksgiving, and so I want to give thanks to YOU for reading me and interacting with me. 

Through this platform you are giving me the opportunity to process and express what`s on my mind. I am "forced" to sit down and actually structure my often very "chaotic" thoughts and then try to put them into words in a way that is actually understandable. It`s a great exercise that helps me tremendously to gain clarity and to bridge the gap between "knowing" and "being able to convey". 

At times, sharing about my own experiences  is even a therapeutic process. Learning from experience is already a great benefit as such, but knowing that my personal learnings can inspire more people than just myself, adds an additional layer of meaning to them, which helps a lot to see the silver lining even in apparently negative events. 

Getting your feedback on what I write is especially valuable to me. Not only does it show me, that my writings are indeed useful at least to some of you (which I might doubt if I never got any response). But it also helps me to get a feeling about which topics you are really interested in, and which less. It also helps me to improve my writing skills.

Last but not least, writing this little blog every week allows me to actually write my book! If I open my computer with the intention of "I am going to write on my book", I usually end up writing very little, because the idea of "writing a book" is just too overwhelming. However, if I open my laptop with the intention of "writing a blog", the words just flow, because it seems less of a big deal. 

So THANK YOU all from the bottom of my heart!!

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