Here are some testimonials of people who have worked with me:


E. attended a series of 5 corporate workshops in 2018. She already gave me very positive feedback after the sessions. She wrote these words to me after “by accident” we ran into each other 9 months later in the streets.

Your sessions I followed in 2018 have helped me a lot, in fact they have changed a lot in my life. Thanks to your advices I started to cook more and give more time to the healthy food, I was better aware about the differences between Bio and not BIO, vegan processed products, and most important I started to read the labels and buy BIO food. Now I can say we do not buy any processed food anymore and we try to cook as frequent as possible (myself especially during the week-end). I have tried also a few recipes you’ve promoted and they are great. At the end, health is a choice and you have to invest time to have it, it should not be taken for granted. I have myself a few health issues (Lupus, an auto-immune disease and PMS-Pre Menstrual Syndrome) but I learn how to deal and do intend to heal myself. I will contact you for sure when I will get lost. I have also recommended your work to some friends in Brussels.

In my opinion you’re an angel spreading healthy information. This was confirmed to me, as just before I ran into you on the street today, I was connecting to my soul inviting God and the Angels to come to me and then one second later, I met you 🙂. This is no coincidence I guess and it’s just a confirmation that Soldiers of Light do exist among us and You’re one of them. I also think your blog is full with information, worthy for a great book.

I wish you strength and luck in everything you do and know I am very GRATEFUL to receive your weekly precious information.


L., in her mid twenties, came to me for chronic fatigue, debilitating digestive issues and persistent candida

The latter manifested as flaky skin on her hands and fingers and nail mycosis (among other things), as you can see in the picture below from April 2017. By then she had had the problem for 2 years.

We started working together in July 2017 and since then she has done a lot of work on her diet, lifestyle and mindset. 

As a result, she is not only back in a state of occasional surplus energy (rather than constant lack) and eased digestion (unless eating what she knows is not good for her), but also managed to gain control over her candida as visible in the pictures from June and July 2018 (again, unless she goes against what she now knows is what she needs – then it might flare up again – which in fact is a great barometer and reminder to work with her body rather than against it).

She still has some way to go, but this is a great sign that she is indeed on the right track! I am proud of her!

Note from Jan 2019: I have been working with this client for 1.5 years now and it is amazing how much she evolved since we started the work. As she just stated in a recent session: She feels like she has been giving birth to herself this last year. She completely redefined her identity, her sexuality, her spirituality. Even though she continues to have some physical imbalances, it is a pleasure to see, hear and feel her true self shining through more and more in every session. Very curious where our path will still take us! 


F., 45, came to me for fertility

Being coached by Claudia in her “Eating inspired by the Moon” program has been one of the best decision I have ever taken.

I have explored the word “food” beyond the traditional and limited perception and learnt how to nourish myself by truly giving voice to my physical, emotional and spiritual needs and making sure that they are all taken care of. I have also experienced to its fullest the richness and the beauty of the feminine. We tend to forget (sometimes also neglect) that we hold a real treasure: embracing and expressing it fully, without fear and criticism, is magic and creates magic!

The program has been a real bliss, exactly when I truly needed it. I might only regret not having done it earlier but in the end we know that things only happen in the right moment.

I have a strong heartfelt desire and the program has given me such powerful tools to make it happen, with courage and infinite trust.


Virginie, 37, came to me for severe stomach pains and impaired fertility

I warmly recommend Claudia. You can really trust her knowledge and experience in “food”. She will take the time to understand your specificities and investigate if needed, to give you the best advices that really suit YOU and your body.

Increased energy level, feeling of balance, better sleep, … only some of the benefits and for me on top of that: totally relieved from chronical stomach pains!

I am born with a stomach malformation and had several surgeries to fix it since I am a child. Functionally it is now working OK although I have been suffering from stomach pain related to “chronic acidity” in my stomach (that is what I was told by all the doctors I consulted). I have been under medication for YEARS (acidity killers), I followed doctors instructions (avoid acid food, fat,…) and I kind of get used to that pain and lived like this. One year ago, the pain became unbearable. I could barely eat. I went back to my really famous doctor of that big hospital and he just told me: your stomach is like this, maybe I could make another surgery and see what I can do but I don’t promise any improvement. He was really pushing for that surgery. Saying it was related to acidity. Of course he wanted to do some tests before but I KNEW acidity was not the cause of the issue.

At that time (life is sometimes very surprising with its coincidences ;)) I heard about Claudia. I didn’t want to meet any nutritionist. My relation with food has always been very complex. Eating has always been synonym of pain for me. On top of that, I have been vegetarian for ages (which was also a sort of a fight when you decide that stop eating meat at 4 years old and when you are born in a meat-eater family…). I didn’t want to hear AGAIN common and generic advices on what I should eat or not. This time was different. I was really curious and attracted by the approach of Claudia. Every-BODY is unique – on top of living that difference from a physical perspective with my distorted stomach since I am born, I am also walking the journey of discovering my true self… so her approach really found echo in me. On top of that, I also saw that she could help with fertility issues… what a coincidence again: I was in a middle of a divorce BECAUSE I was not able to have a child with my ex-husband although no-one was ever able to diagnose me anything wrong on that field… I was definitely curious and intrigued … 🙂

That is when I met Claudia. I will not enter in the details related to what was not OK for me in my food habits (and believe me I thought I was eating healthy, with a lot of vegetable and bio or natural stuff) but in one month we identified the cause of my stomach pain and it reduced by at least 30%, only by applying small changes. After less than 4 months, I had no pain at all anymore. And I don’t take any medicine anymore. On the fertility issue, I can’t tell you yet, but I am sure it will also work 😉

I warmly encourage you to try and see Claudia. On top of feeling better or more energised, you will meet a very beautiful mind and person. Thank you Claudia!


Natalie, 47, came to me for mental instability and weight loss

When I first came to see Claudia, I did not know what I was expecting, all I knew was that I needed change – change for the better. What followed was an inspiring and encouraging learning curve, a journey through nutrition and supplements and how they work in my body – but most importantly, a journey through the emotions and beliefs about myself which underpin the philosophy of healthy eating and living.

Thank you Claudia, for your expertise and engagement, and your active listening and understanding in achieving this. Although I have not lost a whole lot of weight yet, I am confident now that I will. But as this goes hand in hand with emotional wellness, it will take the time it needs. Thank you also for proving to me what I had always hoped: that there are still (again??) wholehearted people with good values and a positive outlook on humanity and the future of our planet. Deep down I feel I have desperately been looking for this, and you showed me that it is possible to live a whole and healthy life – with everything that this entails!

I will certainly come back to see you for ongoing advice and support in my journey to healthy and conscious living! This has been an eye-opening and life-changing experience for me. See you soon, lots of love, and please continue what you are doing, It is such a fundamental help to people like me who have honestly not had much of a clue on healthy living before coming to see you!

Brenda came to me for candida

A victim of Candida for years without realising the extent to which the symptoms were wearing me down, I found my way on the road to recovery through a couple of coaching sessions with Claudia. She adapted her advice to my metabolic type and her knowledge of nutrition & food left me inspired as I tried out the different foods and recipes she shared. I would recommend unreservedly this service to anyone who might be open to a new, improved hygiene for life & eating habits. The personal touch of Claudia was definitely a motivator, in my case.


M., 42, came to me for emotional eating and weight loss

After having tried an enormous amount of different “diets” or “nutrition philosophies” like raw food, juicing and paleo to control my overeating, I realised that, although I had positive outcomes on all of them (eczema gone, better sleep, weight loss), I only managed so long to keep at it with pure willforce. After some months, I would inevitably fall back into old eating habits, especially in stressful times and when preparing two different meals got too heavy for our family of six. And once I did not follow a “strict plan” anymore, I would just eat without stopping, especially in the evenings with chocolate and other sweets.

I had realised for quite some time that this was emotional eating – I would cover up any negative emotions with food. I was aware for some time that just another “plan” would not help much as long as I did not tackle the underlying issues. When I was at a low point one day, a friend pointed me to Claudia, and I thought I’d give it a try because it felt better than doing nothing and suffering through it day for day. Her promise that she would give my problems her full energy and attention reassured me, and we hit it off from the start.

After 2-3 sessions we both realised that fine-tuning what food is good for me was already many steps too far and that we had to dig deeper on the basics first. And this is where Claudia’s vast knowledge really helped me get off the ground and have a different look at dysfunctions like my recurring ear pains, for which she found a very good explanation linking it to events I had lived recently and which were clearly connected to the ear pain. In the following session she recommended a book to me which hit the mark and got my husband and me discussing about our relationship, where we want to evolve, how we want to live our life… Funnily enough Claudia’s and my conversations turned to many other issues except nutrition, like sexual attraction and why this was mostly lacking in my relationship. And once more, Claudia had just the right book recommendation for me, which both my husband and I read and which turned our life upside down. While it was a hard and sometimes scary time (where lots of things we thought “had” to be like they were were turned on their head, for example, that – despite being married – I could re-discover my femininity and also appreciate that other men are attracted to my feminine power), we connected at a  totally different level and our relationship is now so much better than before!

And, funnily enough, although my husband and me were in couple therapy already for some months before I started working with Claudia, nearly all the impetus for change came from my conversations with her and the books we read on her recommendation.

And the best thing – after the first steps to get to know myself as “feminine”, I had a wonderful encounter with a man who saw me like I was, and I was enough. This was the biggest present I had ever got. It moved something very deep inside me, and since then I can feel my emotions, stay with them and then let them go – but I don’t have to cover them up with food. I now stand in front of a buffet and can ask myself “what do I fancy today”, without screening the whole buffet and checking how often I can go and load my plate without attracting too much attention. And after one portion, I normally have enough. And getting hungry is not scary any more; I can stay with this feeling without grabbing anything to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

It seems that I have finally found all I need for being happy inside of myself instead of looking for it on the outside. And here I am, finally independent!

I still can’t believe that this is really happening to me, and sometimes I’m anxious that it can’t last… then Claudia reminds me that I have now experienced that it is possible, and that I won’t be able to completely lose it again as it will be ingrained in my body. So I stay, astonished, at these multiple presents which I got “just like this” in the last few months – I just have to be open to receive them.

I realise that I have moved from controlling my food intake through my will (not possible on the long term) to directly not needing food except for stilling my hunger (the optimum I had secretly hoped for, but realistically did not believe I could reach), without the intermediate step to be more conscious of my food intake to prevent harming my body. And I am note even finished with my sessions with Claudia!

So in essence – if you want to change your (eating) life for the better, I can only recommend Claudia. She is able to tune into your problems and then help you get exactly the new ideas to help you work further on your issues, and I’m living proof that his can change your life.

Note: In the meantime M. has come to realize how deeply unsatisfied she was in her marriage and how much she was longing for a more fulfilling relationship and sexual intimacy. After experimenting with opening her relationship, she and her husband decided to get divorced. Throughout the whole process M. has lost >20kg and now has her dream-weight. This proves that our unwanted symptoms, whether it is excess weight or an illness is just that: a symptom... and that unless we address the real issues inside of us and in our personal realms, they will not go away.


Katy, 36, came to me for digestion and energy

After attending a nutrition workshop with Claudia, I was so impressed by her knowledge, practical advice and straightforward approach to diet and nutrition that I decided to book a series of one-to-one sessions with her. I wanted to address a number of minor but annoying health problems: indigestion and acid reflux, frequent headaches, UTIs and yeast infections, and regularly feeling weak/shaky.

Claudia quickly identified the areas in need of improvement – not only in my diet but also related to my eating behaviour and relationship with food. Her advice was easy to follow thanks to her step-by-step approach, and her gentle presence and insightful observations made the process a real pleasure. My health (esp. the headaches and weakness/shakiness) and also my sense of wellbeing have certainly improved as a result of her intervention.