Tantra Nutrition Weekly Circles

Tantra Nutrition Weekly Circles

Where Nutrition meets Embodiment - THAT is Mind-Body-Nutrition. That is Tantra Nutrition. 

It is not enough to talk about the body, as we usually do in Nutrition Coaching (even if it is called Mind-Body-Nutrition Coaching). We need to actually get INTO the body. 

It is not enough to learn to express emotions and pain, as we do in Tantra. We need to also look at how what we eat and drink, the way we live and what we think and believe might be at the root of this pain and these emotions. 

It is not as simple as going vegetarian or gluten-free or sugar-free or lactose-free... It is not enough (and usually not even advisable) to avoid whole food categories and simply switch from animal protein to plant protein.

The more I am myself walking on the path of Tantra (since Sep 2017), the more I realize how much it has in common with the way I approach food and nutrition.

Tantra… a path of personal development that is real, conscious, inclusive (= not excluding anything, i.e. the sexual energy or meat), holistic, nourishing, individual and balanced.

Tantra Nutrition is thus simply another way of saying Real Food, Biochemical Individuality (Metabolic Typing) and Mind-Body-Nutrition – the three pillars of my work – all in one.

Tantra Nutrition is the nutrition of possibilities, not limitations. It is based on Love & Trust, not fear. It is deeply anchored in and nourished by a source of inner wisdom rather than relying solely on external knowledge. It fully embraces body and mind, thoughts and feelings, plants and animals, spirituality and sexuality. It unites head, heart and gut/womb. It is nutrition and nourishment.

Tantra Nutrition addresses you and your food & body-related challenges in a holistic way. It helps you connect the dots between what you eat, who you are and what’s going on in your Life. It does not just look at the physical body, but also at the mental, emotional and spiritual body. It does not just talk about the body though, but actually gets you IN it. By combining Nutrition & Eating Psychology Coaching with Basic Tantra Embodiment practices it allows for both: mental understanding & processing AND physical/emotional flow & transformation. You grow in awareness, (self-) love and intimacy (in-to-me-see) both in the mind AND in the body, dramatically accelerating your transformation process.

Tantra Nutrition is brought to you by Claudia Kaiser. Claudia is a certified Holistic Nutrition Counselor, Metabolic Typing Advisor & Eating Psychology Coach. She has been practicing Mind-Body-Nutrition since 2012 and is a devoted Tantra Student since 2017. Claudia is on a mission to help you reclaim your power, joy, energy, health and fertility by teaching you how to reconnect to your Inner Feminine, evolve your Inner Masculine, balance your hormones and find peace with food, body and Life.

Weekly Tantra Nutrition Circles Details

  • Tuesday evenings 19-22h at Studio La Limite, Rue de la Limite 93 in 1210 Saint Josse den Noode (close to Botanique - very difficult to park, so ideally come by public transport or bike). Please make sure to arrive a bit earlier so we can start on time! If you arrive more than 10min late, I will not be able to open the door anymore.
  • 19:00-20:15: Basic Tantra Embodiment Practice: Designed to help you develop greater self-awareness, self-esteem, self-love and intimacy (in-to-me-see) with yourself and others through practical exercises. Intimacy refers to knowing your inner truth and emotional state, and daring to express it fully through movement, sound, breath and conscious touch - and being able to hold space for others doing the same. Since I am myself still learning Tantra, I share with you only simple, yet very powerful and empowering practices: breathing, moving, finding your voice and giving/receiving conscious (non-sexual) touch.
  • 20:15-20:30: Break - do not hesitate to bring your snack!
  • 20:30-22:00: Nutrition & Eating Psychology Coaching: Designed to provide nutritional guidance and to address beliefs, thoughts and emotions underlying your challenges with food and body. Each session comprises a mix of knowledge transfer, exchange of experiences, reflections on the given topic, individual coaching and integration exercises. 
  • Open for both women and men.
  • Language: English and or French, depending on participants present. 
  • Circles are suitable both for Tantra Newbies as for experienced Tantrikas. As a Newbie it's a great way to tip your toes into Tantra and start reconnecting to your body, as an experienced Tantrika it's a great way to strengthen your basics and to learn how to enhance your practice through better nutrition.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing. There is no nudity nor any kind of sexual interaction.
  • These are "drop-in" classes, like a yoga course. No need to register for a whole cycle. 
  • Please still confirm your attendance here to allow me to better plan and prepare the sessions.
  • Investment: 20 Euro per session to be paid in cash at the venue.


I also offer one-on-one Tantra initiation and massage sessions for women. If you are interested, send me an email to claudia@metabolance.com