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Set intentions, not resolutions

Set intentions, not resolutions

It's this time of year again... Everybody seems to set resolutions for the New Year. Usually the list goes something like this:

  • Lose weight
  • Exercise more
  • Drink more water
  • Sleep earlier
  • Reduce facebook
  • ...

The problem is that these "goals" feel like work and after just a few weeks we usually let them go again, postponing them to next year. What if instead of focusing on concrete things we should DO, we focused on how we would like to FEEL - and allow the Universe to fill in the concrete parts? Because after all, the Universe has our own interest in mind and knows best what we REALLY need... (which can be very different from what we think we want).

Instead of setting New Year's Resolutions deemed to fail, set INTENTIONS instead and manifest your miracles!

I've learned the secrets of effective intention setting in a one year course on how to manifest your miracles and have taught them myself in workshops. Now I am sharing them with you in this article step by step.

1. Define your intentions (plant the seed)

Definition intentions vs. objectives / resolutions

  • Objective / resolution: a specific, absolute and measurable result; a strong decision to DO or not do something
  • Intention: a way of BEING based on values; it's the "why" behind an objective. 


Objective / resolution


I want to lose 10 kg

I feel vital, am in shape and in good health.

I want to stop smoking

I treat my body with love and respect

I want to eat healthier

I eat consciously and treat my body with love and respect


Why set intentions in the first place? No wind is favorable for a ship without destination. The goal is thus to participate in the creation of our lives actively and consciously, and to manifest our miracles!

4 secrets for setting powerful and meaningful intentions:

a)      soul-based vs. ego-based: what's the feeling in my body?

Intention of the Ego

Intention of the Soul

Contraction, tightness, difficult, exhausting, fear

Joy, love, lightness, openness, energetic


b) use the present tense (as if the intention was already reality)

c) use positive wording (I am instead of I am no longer)

d) use powerful verbs: I am grateful, I enjoy, NEVER I want

Call to action

Write down all intentions you have for this year in all areas of your life (relationships, work, health, money...). Then choose the 3 most important ones. Also choose a "year-topic".

For example, for 2016 my intentions were:

  • I am grateful for optimal health and fertility
  • I enjoy a stable relationship full of love and respect with my partner
  • I love my work and am grateful for making a real difference in the life of people.
  • Year topic: Trust 

For 2017, they were:

  • I enjoy living in a beautiful, positive, healthy and uplifting place (We definitely moved into this direction by exploring different areas and finding "the" spot. I also felt that way in our home and garden in Brussels).
  • I am grateful for a conscious and smooth conception (Note how being concise is important: I did manifest the conception, but I lost the baby at 9 weeks)
  • I feel deep passion and have fun in life and love (This one would need a bit more focus still...)
  • Year topic: Know what you want and make it happen 

For 2018, they are:

  • My heart is open and I enjoy the process of Life unfolding
  • I am proud about my first book being published and well-received
  • I enjoy living in a safe, healthy and uplifting place.
  • Year topic: Fun

2.  Attention: water the planted seeds

  • Write your year topic on post-its and stick them in different places in your home to be reminded regularly
  • Every day, connect yourself with your heart, read your intentions, visualize them and concentrate your energy on them 
  • If you can do that in a group, together with your partner or children, even better, because then they get supercharged (just avoid sharing them with negative people). You can also share them as a comment below!

3.  No tension = trust that your plant will bloom !

  • Relax, don't dig in the ground constantly to look how your seed is doing - you might end up killing it! Just trust in the process.
  • Put yourself in "receiving" mode. Don't doubt that your plant will develop the way you want it to. If you planted the seed of a rose and watered it correctly, there is no doubt it will come out as a beautiful, strong rose when the moment is right! Be patient and curious!
  • Obstacle : resistance to receive

Call to action

  • Observe your behaviour and notice when you reject receiving (maybe a compliment, a favor, a gift... )
  • Pratice « receiving » every day, just say thank you without feeling obliged to give anything in return
  • Be grateful for what you receive, even if it arrives in a "negative" disguise 


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