Food for Fertility

Food for Fertility

Are you a man or a woman in your fertile years and does any of the following apply to you?

  • You lead a busy lifestyle and are stressed and/or tired frequently
  • As a woman, you suffer from PMS, PCOS, painful or irregular periods or thyroid disorders
  • As a man, you have a pronounced belly or even man "boobs"
  • You are overweight or underweight
  • You frequently stay up late
  • You need your morning coffee and/or your evening glass of wine
  • You try to eat healthy and follow a mainly plant-based diet, maybe even to an extent of obsession
  • You work out hard to stay in shape OR you don't work out at all
  • You have tried to get pregnant, but without success
  • You have been able to get pregnant, but lost the baby during the first 3 months

Answered yes at least once? Then read on to learn why you should care about your fertility NOW even if you haven't started trying yet, don't have a partner yet or are not even sure if you ever want to have a baby. 

Subfertility is a silent epidemic

It's no news that fertility rates are decreasing in the developed world. But did you know that:

  • an alarming 1 out of 8 couples has trouble getting pregnant or maintaining a pregnancy (even when still in their 20's)?
  • that the babies being conceived and carried to term, for the first time in two centuries, may have a shorter life expectancy than their parents?
  • that many women end up with decreased health after having given birth (e.g. thyroid issues, auto-immune issues, depression or just extreme, chronic fatigue)?

Even though it might not be obvious at first sight – all of the above-mentioned tendencies are signs of subfertility – just at different degrees (I prefer to talk about subfertility rather than infertility since it is less definite and implies that something can actually be done to improve it). Fertility exists on a continuum and it is not just about conceiving easily or maintaining a pregnancy. It’s also about a smooth and complication-free pregnancy and birth, and about optimizing the long-term physical and mental health of both – baby and mother. As dramatic as it may sound, but it’s eventually about the survival of our species. Weak and sick babies will grow into weak and sick, and thus less fertile, adults.

Despite those discouraging numbers, my message for you is that subfertility is NOT an unavoidable fate. It’s a symptom pointing to some underlying issue in the physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual realm. Simply put, our modern diet, lifestyle and mindset are draining the energy from our batteries - and as we all know: you cannot pour from an empty cup!

This is why adopting a healthy diet, lifestyle and mindset is something that ideally starts (at least 6 months) BEFORE conception and is embraced by BOTH partners. Although not a guarantee, getting things "right" prior to conception will increase the quality of your egg or your sperm, fill up your nutrient reserves and thus optimize the chances for a healthy, strong, well-nourished baby AND mother.

You wouldn't plant a seed in depleted soil, would you?

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misconception and bad (industry-influenced) information out there when it comes to define what a "healthy" diet means. So even when eating a supposedly "healthy" diet as promoted in main stream, you could still be deficient in essential nutrients and thus suffer from decreased fertility. On the other hand, diet is not the only factor and overly obsessing about it can even negatively impact your ability to conceive.

Prepare the soil before you plant the seed: Preconception @ METABOLANCE

I offer you holistic Mind-Body Nutrition coaching to optimize your fertility by helping you to choose the foods, lifestyle, and mindset that most nourish YOUR body, mind and soul. The tools & information I provide will allow you to get to the root cause of YOUR body's imbalances and will help you to correct them step-by-step.

You can either work with me session by session or I can become your Personal Fertility Coach (for more info on that, please click here). You can also join my weekly group classes through which I help women to nourish their Feminine, balance their hormones and/or prepare for pregnancy.

For whom

My pre-conception services are for ALL women AND men (in couples or singles) wanting to choose the path towards improved health and fertility – to lay the best possible foundation for conceiving a new life in the future - whenever this might be (you really cannot start early enough!).

You might especially benefit from working with me if you:

  • are struggling to get pregnant
  • have had to go through (serial) miscarriages
  • suffer from hormone imbalances, such as PCOS, PMS, painful periods, missed periods...
  • have a very stressful lifestyle and are constantly tired / low in energy
  • are an athlete (professional or amateur)
  • are overweight or underweight
  • do enjoy the sun only from your office window
  • are a 2nd or 3rd time parent (especially if children are narrowly spaced)

You don't have to be a junk-food person to tremendously benefit from this work! Even if you are already into healthy eating, you will be inspired by new, eye-opening and surprising facts that might just make the difference between "ok" and "optimal" for you!

Please note that usually I ask my fertility clients to put any assisted fertility treatment plans on hold at least for the time of our work together. Your struggles with fertility are not a punishment nor are they random. They are most likely protecting you from bigger harm. Turning to assisted fertility too early misses the valuable opportunity to look beyond the surface and to find valuable treasures. I want you to give our work a full-hearted try before going down that road. Read more on why I am not in favor of assisted fertility treatments here.

Please note that preparing for conception can take a long time, depending on your individual situation. Even though by working with me you will benefit from my experience and guidance and get where you want to go, faster, it can still take months or even years. 


I am not a doctor, but pre-conception is my personal passion-topic and through my trainings and ungoing studies, I understand a lot about how nutrition & lifestyle directly affect the different homeostatic control systems that "run" our body (incl. the organs and glands that produce our hormones) and can help you balance them, so that ideally all of the struggle related to infertility, child-loss or postnatal depletion can be prevented for you.

I can also advice you on optimal nutrition during pregnancy and lactation, on ideal first solid foods for baby and how to best nourish a growing child.