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Health & Fertility One-on-One Coaching

Health & Fertility One-on-One Coaching

The individual one-on-one coaching sessions take place either in person at my office in Ixelles, Brussels (Belgium), or virtually via skype or facetime. The sessions are mainly talking, combined with breathing, meditation, imagery or sentence-completion exercises, if applicable. I select and prepare a specific topic per session, but also leave enough room for "life-unfolding" to determine what we will be focusing on. You will get all kinds of different homework in between sessions, i.e. adaptations to your dietary habits, physical exercises, mindfulness exercises, creative exercises, self-reflection exercises, suggested readings, mirror work, taking certain supplements and whatever else I feel would help you with your particular challenge. Consultations are possible in English, German, French, Dutch or Spanish.

Strategic Intake

The process always starts with an extensive, strategic intake (written form AND 90min session). The goal of this intake is to understand your situation as a whole, to assess where you are currently at, to identify factors contributing to your issue, and to define a clear strategy and concrete action points to help you get where you want to go. The strategy and tactics will be summarized in your Strategic Roadmap Document, that you can keep whether or not we decide to continue working together. You will get some first homework assignments to put in practice immediately. 

This session is also the moment for both of us to decide whether or not we are a good fit and want to continue walking this road together. I can only be of benefit to people who are as serious about that work as I am. If you want to work with me, you have to be ready to give up victim attitude and assume responsibility. This is not a quick-fix, "magic pill" kind of program. You have to have an open mind and be willing to at least try on my recommendations.

Even if you or I feel that you are not ready to commit to a follow-up: This session has a high value, also as a stand-alone, because it helps you to put together the different puzzles pieces of your story to a picture that finally makes sense, and provides you orientation on what it will take to heal.



After the intake, and if we indeed feel that we are a good match, we agree on the follow-up. We can either work session by session, or in a package of 12 sessions. This package, besides having many advantages outlined below, also includes your Metabolic Type Analysis (an online based questionnaire of 140 questions to assess your physical, psychological and diet-related traits to determine your “Metabolic Type” and the corresponding ideal foods and macronutrient ratio, for more info, click here) and a personalized Bach Flower mix (highly diluted plant essences that work similar to homeopathy). You can book both services separately as well. 

Advantages of 12 session packages:

  1. The transformations we are looking for are deep and take time. This is serious work! From my experience, taking only 1 or 3 or even 6 sessions will often not be enough time to allow us to get to the really important stuff, and thus the results you get will also only scratch the surface and you will likely be disappointed, which is not good for either of us.
  2. It allows me to create and implement a step-by-step plan based on your Strategic Roadmap Document. This process has its logic, with the steps building on each other. If I don’t know how often I will still see you, this can jeopardize this process. If we don't get to the end of it, it won't produce its results, leaving us both frustrated.
  3. Commitment: I am committed (in collaboration with the Universe) to help you realize big results, but for that I also need big commitment from your side. I actually spend a lot of time in between sessions thinking about your case, doing additional research, looking for adequate exercises… all of this extra effort only makes sense within the scope of a longer term commitment.
  4. From experience I know that somewhere around session 6 things can get tough and motivation can plummet. If there is no commitment, it is easy to fall off the wagon there, whereas it would be exactly the point in time to push through (because things usually get worse before they get better).
  5. It allows us both to manage our schedules, since we will directly block 12 dates (which can be moved in case of emergency).
  6. It is financially more interesting for you: 75 Euro per session instead of 80 plus a free Metabolic Type Analysis and Bach Flower mix. 


  • Initial Strategic Intake Session: 150 Euro. This price covers the 90 min face-to-face or virtual session plus the time to prepare your case based on the extensive intake form that I ask you to fill in before the session and to write your Strategic Roadmap Document (SRD), summarizing all the strategies and action points that we identified during the session. 
  • Package of 12 follow-up sessions: 1.000 Euro. This price covers the 12x60 min face-to-face or virtual session plus a short summary of the session incl. the main take-aways, the homework exercises and (if applicable) links to additional resources. The package also includes a Metabolic Type Analysis. Follow-up session are usually scheduled bi-weekly on a fixed day and time.
  • Package of 6 follow-up sessions (only after package of 12 has been completed): 450 Euro
  • One follow-up session: 80 Euro
  • Metabolic Type Analysis with result session: 250 Euro (strategic intake not included, can be booked extra)



  • All prices include 21% VAT
  • Please note that my services are usually not reimbursed by social security.
  • Allowances (discounts) can be made in case of financial difficulty. Just contact me.
  • As part of the program I might suggest you get additional blood work done (in collaboration with your GP) and/or take certain supplements. Please take into
    account an additional budget of 200-800 Euro for that.


Any information I provide, any recommendations I make or any test or measurement I run should not be used to, nor are they intended to, nor do they in fact diagnose, treat, cure or mitigate any specific health problem. Anyone with any health complaint should seek the care and consultation of an appropriate licensed health practitioner. My purposes are educational and informational only and I assume no responsibility for the correct or incorrect use of our information. Please note that some of the concepts and recommendations I give have not (yet) been scientifically proven. Certain persons considered experts may disagree with one or more of the concepts or recommendations.