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  • Are you obsessed with food, healthy/clean eating and/or your weight?
  • Are you tired of constantly thinking about food, calories, nutrients and/or the effect of the food on your health and the planet?
  • Is your obsession with food actually starting to negatively impact your health, well-being or quality of life?
  • Are you ready to break free from food prison and to reclaim your personal & metabolic power?

Stop draining your energy and start having the relationship with food and body you truly long for: a relationship that is responsible and sustainable, yet also nourishing and pleasurable!


Imagine if you could:

  • Simply enjoy your food
  • Eat without guilt, regret, stress, anxiety or fear, incl. fatty foods and daily treats
  • Actually eat more food and exercise less
  • Enjoy real connection with people over food
  • Regain your energy, period, libido, good mood, digestive strength
  • Have more time & energy for people or projects close to your heart


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