Metabolic Screening

Metabolic Screening

Metabolic Screening with the innovative CRS (Cell Regulation System) device offers you valuable insights into your cellular metabolism. Within a few seconds and completely painless, you obtain the following information about your personal metabolic situation:

  • Protection from metabolic acidosis: Indicates how well your cells can neutralize “acidity” that might be created during normal metabolic functions.
  • Immune resistance: Indicates your cells’ capability to fight harmful agents.
  • Metabolic regulation: Indicates how well your cells can transform nutrients into energy. The best indicator to know if you are currently eating according to your Metabolic Type.
  • Physical training status: Indicates how well your cells can recuperate after physical effort.
  • Protection from oxidative stress: Indicates your cells’ capability to neutralize harmful free radicals
  • Mental stress capacity: Indicates how well your cells function under stress.
  • Connective tissue condition: Indicates how much “toxic garbage” is stored in your body.
  • General performance capability: Indicates how well your body can cope with the metabolic situation at this point in time.
  • Micronutritional requirements: Indicates whether there is an increased need for vitamins, minerals and/or phytonutrients.

How does it work?

Measuring takes place on the ball of the thumb and is completely painless. For just a few seconds UV light is sent through your skin, and interacts with your body‘s own metabolic substances in the cell and the intercellular fluid (e.g. ATP, ADP, FAD, tryptophan etc.).  The substances emit a very characteristic spectrum of electromagnetic waves (= fluorescence).  From the intensity of the signal the device derives information regarding the absolute quantity of each substance, but also – and more importantly – the relative ratios between them. 

You immediately obtain a graphical evaluation of your personal metabolic situation.

You will get a summary with your results and (general) tips on how to improve each of the values. 

Note: This screening will NOT tell you exactly what foods to eat, how much exercise to do or how to live. It is a prevention tool, that can make you aware of potential imbalances and give hints on where the problem originates. It allows you to make informed adjustments to your nutrition, exercise and/or lifestyle and allows you to track the influence of those changes on your metabolism.

Please note that Metabolic Screening with the CRS Prevent device is not a medical test nor have the recommendations derived from the results been scientifically approved. The screening is meant for preventive purposes only.