Last Minute Christmas Survival Tips

Last Minute Christmas Survival Tips

It is (almost) Christmas Eve and chances are you are at home with your family. Even if this is enjoyable, it also holds lots of potential for tensions and conflicts. 

Here are some last minute tips for you to stay centered:

  • Engage in a short morning meditation.
  • Before reacting to anything someone says or does, take a few deep breaths (or just focus on your respiration for some seconds, if you don’t want others to notice). If something is REALLY heating you up, you might even leave the room for a moment (you can go to the toilet or get something from the kitchen…). Check in with yourself to notice what your inner truth and weather is. Identify the story you are telling yourself (i.e. this behavior means I am insignificant) and if needed, challenge it. Ask yourself whether or not it is worth to react at all, and if yes, what would be the most loving and compassionate way to do so. Put yourself in the feet of the other as well, to gain perspective. 
  • Even if you would like to keep “harmony”, dare to speak up for yourself if something really does not feel right. This might include not wanting to eat that much dessert or having another glass of wine. Friendly, but firmly say no, thank you very much. It IS possible to refuse an offer without being rude. If you want, you can explain your reasons, but do not feel obliged to. There is no need to justify anything. If they still choose to be offended despite making clear your good intentions, then it is their problem, not yours. 
  • Try to not take things too personal. If someone makes a negative comment about you, it is usually because something got triggered in THEM, which they project onto you. 
  • Likewise, if you get triggered by someone, stop for a second and ask yourself in what way they are mirroring back to you, and what you can learn for yourself from this situation. By staying curious, getting annoyed can actually become fun!
  • Rather than blaming someone, generalizing (“you ALWAYS do xyz”) and making it about them as a person (“you ARE so stupid”), try to: Speak from your own point of view (“I” instead of “everyone”) and point out how a certain behavior is inadequate and/or how it makes you feel (“when you do xzy, it hurts me” because … ).
  • Focus on the positive, rather than the negative. Notice and acknowledge all the times they are actually taking effort and are doing things “right” and compliment them for it.
  • Do not try to force your views or habits on them. They are who they are, and you are who you are, and even though you do not agree all the time, you can still accept each other and treat each other with respect.
  • Keep your blood sugar stable: Many families skip lunch because there will be a big dinner – or they will have cake and cookies instead of lunch. Be prepared and eat something substantial also at lunch. This will keep your blood sugar stable, prevent you from overindulging in cookies and to be in a better mood as well 😉 Instead of cookies, you can also go for mandarines and nuts.
  • Enjoy all your meals. Eat slowly and mindfully. This way, a normal or small portion of everything will do and you will still be more than satisfied, rather than overly stuffed. 
  • Remember your bigger goals: health, fertility, authenticity, happiness, love… and let your actions be guided by them

And most importantly: Relax and enjoy the time together. Who knows when you will all be together again next time!

Merry Christmas!

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