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Health & Fertility Coaching, Online Courses & Workshops

Health & Fertility Coaching, Online Courses & Workshops

Combining Nutrition and Psychology to empower Girls and Women walk the Fertile Way – by helping them Nourish their Feminine, find Peace with Food and Body, rebalance their Hormones and reclaim their Energy.

Hi, I am Claudia Kaiser, your Holistic Health & Fertility Coach. 

As a consequence of my own struggles, I am on a mission to help girls and women (especially the ambitious, hard-working, always pushing Type A`s among you) walk the Fertile Way. Disordered eating patterns, adrenal fatigue and subfertility (I prefer to speak of subfertility rather than infertility, because it is less definite and in line with my belief that most fertility issues are reversible) are epidemic these days, even if not always recognized as such. They are perfectly preventable and reversible – the earlier we start, the better though. The first indications that a girl is heading into the direction of disordered eating, adrenal fatigue and subfertility are already visible during teenage or even childhood years. However, they are usually overlooked, dismissed as being “normal” and/or get covered up (i.e. with the pill). They only become apparent when things are already quite advanced, meaning that the woman finds herself mentally imprisoned by more or less absurd food rules and physically close to a burn out, feeling constantly tired, suffering from digestive issues, disrupted sleep, persisting pains (joints, back, neck), skin issues, low libido, body temperature deregulation, menstrual pains or irregularities and/or impaired fertility (the inability to get pregnant or to maintain a pregnancy). Most of the women who come to me are in this stage. If you are reading this, chances are you are in that stage, too.

Please know that it is perfectly possible to free yourself from food prison and/or recharge your batteries (and thus prevent further physical deterioration) even at this relatively advanced point. In fact, I am dedicated to helping you 

1) understand the underlying physical, emotional, mental and spiritual messages of your unwanted symptoms and 

2) guiding you on your unique path back to metabolic and personal balance – in a way that is sustainable and nourishing – for you and also for the planet. 

I particularly enjoy helping you prepare your body, heart, mind & soul for conception, so you can maximize your chances for an easy conception, a smooth pregnancy, a strong baby, and ideal health & energy throughout the process. 

Even if it is possible to rebalance the body and mind also at advanced stages of disordered eating, adrenal fatigue and/or subfertility, it usually takes quite some time to do so. And time can often feel scarce, especially when it comes to fertility. How much easier would things be if we recognized and actually acted upon the early warning signs. This is why I am also dedicated to raising awareness for the signs of disordered eating and hormonal imbalance among girls and young women (and the adults interacting with those girls and young women, such as parents, teachers, trainers and of course doctors). IF YOU FEEL LIKE THIS IS AN IMPORTANT THING TO DO, PLEASE TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR, GYNECOLOGIST, YOUR CHILDRENS TEACHERS, SPORTS TRAINERS ABOUT THE WORK I DO, SO WE CAN JOIN FORCES.

I am certified as a Nutrition Counselor, Metabolic Typing Advisor and Eating Psychology Coach. As such, the pillars of my work are:

1.  Real Food: Whole, traditional and mainly unprocessed foods as offered by mother nature. I also work with selected, food-derived supplements, to complement (not substitute!) the Real Food foundation.

2.  Biochemical Individuality (Metabolic Typing): The idea that even if we share general human physiology, we are all biochemically, constitutionally and energetically individual and thus have very different needs when it comes to food, supplements, exercise, … and everything else. When it comes to food and supplements, this means that the same food / supplement can have different effects in different people and different people require different foods / supplements and quantities of those in order to be in balance. There is no “one-size-fits-all”.

3.  Mind-Body-Nutrition & Dynamic Eating Psychology: Looking far beyond the physical level, this approach takes into account the thoughts, feelings and beliefs of you, the Eater. We look at everything going on in your body, mind and personal life that could be related to or even at the root of your struggles.

By working on nutrition and in the personal realms simultaneously, we approach your challenge in a holistic way. While I don’t know what you need to learn before you can finally lose your unwanted symptoms, I do know that there is a good reason for them.

I am inspired to partner with you on this journey of exploration and discovery, to find out about this reason and the treasures it holds for you. I am here to guide you and help you get where you want to go. I am not here to fix you. In fact, I cannot fix you, because you are not broken in the first place. Your unwanted symptoms are  your body’s way to achieve balance and wholeness. It might be a distorted way, but it makes perfect sense.

Our job is to find more evolved ways of doing food and life so that they actually work for you, not against you.

As mentioned before, I am especially focussing on disordered eating, adrenal fatigue and subfertility, but you can come to me with any kind of food & body related issue, for example:

  • Energy & Fatigue (Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome)
  • Hormonal Imbalance, Preconception & Fertility
  • Body Image Concerns and Food Obsessions
  • Emotional Eating, Overeating, Binge Eating, Chronic Dieting
  • Digestion
  • Baby and Child Nutrition
  • Weight Loss

How it works

I offer individual one-on-one coaching, group coachings and workshops. 




Let`s put the puzzle pieces of your individual case together to a picture that finally makes sense through an extensive strategic intake.


Let`s implement the identified strategies and tactics one-by-one over the course of a comprehensive 12 session package (incl. your personal Metabolic Typing Analysis) or in a session-per-session setting. 




For your convenience I offer online courses on a variety of health and fertility related topics.


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I offer group workshops that you can participate in as an add-on to your one-on-one coaching or as a stand-alone.