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Health & Fertility Group Workshops

Health & Fertility Group Workshops

From April to May 2018 I offer again practical, "hands-on" group workshops that you can participate in as an add-on to your one-on-one coaching or as a stand-alone. You can book them one-by-one or the whole series of 6 at a discounted rate. 



One workshop: 50 Euro (incl. 3 hours workshop, materials, ingredients, handouts, recipes)

All 6 workshops: 270 Euro (45 Euro per workshop)

You pay per bank transfer upon reservation. Registration closes 6 days before the workshop. In case of cancelation after that date, the workshop fee is due.  


Minimum number of participants per workshop: 4. Below that number, the workshop is canceled and you will get your fee refunded.

Workshop Duration: 180min

Venue: Except for the Supermarket Tour, all workshops take place at Rue Fernand Neuray 71. 

How to select good food 

During a tour through the big Del Haize at Ch. Waterloo 536 in Ixelles, we will explore the differences between Real Food and edible food products. We will look at concrete products, read labels, and answer all your questions. You will go home with an understanding of which foods to choose, and which to avoid to support your health and fertility. This will make shopping so much easier and more efficient. Includes a Shopping Guide Handout.

Next Date: 

Saturday 31st of March 13.30-16.30h 


Know your Fats

A workshop to dive deeper into the different types of fats and their respective characteristics and qualities. What does fat do in my body? Will it make me fat? What is the difference between saturated and unsaturated fats? Which role does cholesterol play? Which oils should I prefer, which should I avoid? Which can I use for cooking, which only for cold preparations? How much of each should I consume? What about omega 3? And also: How are fats connected to the Feminine? How is fear of fat linked to fertility issues? We will analyze and taste concrete products and you will go home with a handout and an understanding of what to look out for in fats.

Next dates:

Saturday 7th of April, 13.30-16.30h

Efficiency cooking and meal planning

A workshop to explore how we can prepare a maximum of healthy meals in a minimum of time. We will look at how to plan meals and organize oneself in order to maximize efficiency and finally put into practice all your theoretical knowledge about "eating well". No more daily stress wondering “what am I going to eat”. We will look at concrete meals that can be prepared easily in bulk in advance and prepare some of them on the spot.

Next dates:

Saturday 14th of April, 14.30-17.30h (starts one hour later than other classes)


Stress, Nutrition and Hormones

A workshop to explore how stress and nutrition influence our metabolism and hormones, and as such our health, energy, weight and fertility. Understanding how these things are linked is very empowering. We will look at physical and emotional stressors and come up with strategies how to reduce them. Also includes a hormone self-assessment questionnaire.

Next date: 

Saturday 21st of April, 13.30-16.30h


A workshop to explore a favorite food: Bread. We will look at different types of bread-making, different types of grains, different types of flour. We will then learn how to nourish a sourdough and the process of making a traditional sourdough bread with non-wheat, low gluten (& gluten-free) whole grains (Einkorn, rye, buckwheat). We will also look at ideas to use leftover sourdough. Participants will have the opportunity to taste and take home some delicious, real sourdough breads and leave with all instructions and their own sourdough starter(s) to finish the process at home. 

Next date:

Saturday 28th of April 2018,  13.30 - 16.30


A workshop to dive deeper into the part of our body where 80% of our immune system is located: our gut! After some basics on gut barrier and gut flora, we will roll up our sleeves and make our own lactofermented vegetables. Participants will learn why fermented foods are a real superfood and different techniques to make them. You will go home with your own creation of lactofermented cabbage or carrots. Includes the ingredients, materials and recipes.

Next dates:

Saturday 5th of May 13.30-16.30h


Other available workshops upon request

I can offer additional workshop topics to interested groups (minimum number of participants: 4). Just contact me. 

Effective intention setting

What is the difference between a goal and an intention? Learn the secrets of effective intention setting and how to manifest your desires in your life.

How to create balanced meals for stable energy

A workshop during which we will explore the concepts of blood sugar and “macronutrient balance”. How does what we eat influence our energy and performance throughout the day? What are macronutrients and what role do they play in our bodies? Why is it important to keep blood sugar stable and to avoid blood sugar rollercoasters? What would a truly balanced breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack look like? We will come up with a list of concrete examples and prepare some of them on the spot (i.e. sandwich, salad, omelet, soup, smoothie, depending on kitchen availability).

Eating meat can be healthy, sustainable and even ethical

In this theoretical workshop we will explore under which conditions eating meat can be good for you and the planet. We will look at the topic from a nutritional, sustainability and ethical point of view.



A workshop to explore the 11 Mind-Body Nutrition Dimensions and 8 Dynamic Eating Psychology Dimensions. This workshop takes us far beyond nutrients and calories and looks at all the ways our mind and personal realm are connected to our eating behaviors. This is a theoretic, yet interactive workshop.

Happy Gut - Bone Broth

A workshop to dive deeper into the part of our body where 80% of our immune system is located: our gut! After some basics on gut barrier and gut flora, we will roll up our sleeves and learn how to make a forgotten super food for the gut: Bone Broth! We will also think of ideas how to use any leftover meat. Includes the recipe and a jar of broth to take home. 


How to make healthy treats

A workshop to find ways to satisfy our sweet tooth, but keeping “macronutrient balance” in mind to avoid sabotaging our blood sugar and thus our hormones. We will explore different ingredients and some general frameworks of combining them. Then we will proceed to making and tasting some concrete treats: Flourless Chocolate Muffins, Red Bean Brownies, Chocolate Pudding, Sorbet and/or Fruity Coconut Mousse (raw). Price includes ingredients and recipes. 

Sports and Nutrition

A workshop to explore the connection between sports and nutrition. What kind of nutrition for what kind of exercise? What kind of exercise for what kind of person? What are good pre- and post exercise foods? What about protein shakes and energy bars? We will look at, make and taste some concrete examples on the spot.

Understanding the hidden language of unwanted symptoms

A workshop to explore the concept of how our soul expresses itself through our physical symptoms, unwanted habits and even seemingly random life happenings. We will look at the different body parts and what they represent. By applying two key questions we can gain a better understanding of the messages contained in our unwanted symptoms and habits.

How to raise self-esteem

Self-esteem is the pre-requisite for health and fertility. If we do not have enough of it, we will always end up sabotaging our efforts to eat, live or think in a way that is good for us, because deep down we feel like we are not worthy of happiness and health. In this workshop we will explore the concept of self-esteem, what it consists of and what we can do to raise it. 

Masculine and Feminine Energies and how they relate to food and body

We all have masculine and feminine energies in us. The challenge is to find the right balance. In this workshop we will explore the concepts of "Masculine" and "Feminine" and how they could be related to our food and body issues. We will identify common struggles and what we can do to overcome them. 

Essential supplements

In this workshop we will explore why we need nutritional supplements, which ones are essential and why there is no one-size-fits-all. I will share my criteria on how to select good quality ones and where to find them.

Biochemical Individuality

Just like we have individual fingerprints, we are also individual on a biochemical level. During this workshop you will understand why the same food can have different effects in different people and that people with similar physical and/or psychological characteristics, behaviors or symptoms can yet have completely different dietary needs.

Nourishing your baby

What we feed our babies sets the foundation for their future health and eating habits. Unfortunately, common advice for baby nutrition is highly influenced by industry interests. In this "alternative" workshop you will re-discover “pre-industrial”, traditional knowledge and wisdom in theory and practice!  Includes the tasting (and optional making) of >10 foods/dishes that can serve as healthy first solids for your baby.