Food & Sexuality – What is the connection?

Food & Sexuality – What is the connection?

Public Talk

When: 16.3.2019, 17-19h

Where: The Lollepot Room, Lollepotstraat 3, 1000 Brussels

Participation: Conscious Donation according to your possibilities and what you feel this event was worth to you

Limited places. Reservation mandatory here. After reservation you will receive an email confirming your participation, if there is still enough space.


Most people know that certain foods have an aphrodisiac effect. Food is often included in sensual and sexual play as well. Yet the connection goes much deeper and this is what this talk is all about.

This talk aims to explore and to raise awareness of the deep connection between our food & body-related (physical & psychological) issues and sexuality.

Food (Nutrition) & Sex are two of our most primal needs: They are both directly linked to the survival of our species, and food often has to come in as a symbolic substitute or compensation. They are also both linked to our emotions, to our sensuality, to our ability to allow ourselves to feel and experience pleasure, to our power, to our self-esteem, to our inner Feminine and Masculine. The way we do food is intimately connected to the way we do sex, and Life in general. By looking at the way we do food, we can thus learn important clues about ourselves and our sexuality.

This is a two-way connection: What’s going on for us sexually will affect our food choices and the relationship with food and our body. And what we eat and how we feel about food and our body will affect our sexuality, directly or indirectly. Where there are issues with sex, there are very likely also issues with food & body. Where there are issues with food & body, there are very likely also issues with sex.

Issues with food & body are epidemic: Sugar and chocolate cravings, caffeine and alcohol dependency, emotional eating, binge eating, restrictive eating, chronic dieting, calorie counting, food obsessions, food sensitivities, body image issues, weight issues, hormonal imbalances, chronic disease, fear of fat, fear of food, demonization of animal foods…

We cannot fully address those issues without at least looking at sexuality. At least not if we really want to go to the root of the problems and not just stay on the surface. We also cannot fully address our sexual issues without looking at our relationship with food & body. Because everybody is affected in their eating by what’s going on in the realms of family, relationships, work/school, money, spirituality… and sexuality.

Some of the topics/questions we will address during this talk:

  • What is the link between food and sex?
  • What is the link between specific foods (i.e. sugar, chocolate, animal food, fat) and sex
  • How does my sexuality influence my food choices and my relationship with food & my body?
  • How do my food choices and my relationship with food & body influence my sexuality
  • What do my food choices and my relationship with food & my body tell me about my sexuality?
  • What is the role society and media plays in the relationship between food and sex?
  • Do I need to eat / look a certain way to be sexy?

To avoid any confusion, we will NOT look into the aphrodisiac effects nor how to integrate food into your sensual/sexual play!

About the speaker 

Claudia Kaiser first learned about the close link between sexuality and food through her own struggles with an Eating Disorder and subsequent chronic fatigue and hormonal imbalances. In her role as a Holistic Nutrition Counselor, Metabolic Typing Advisor and Eating Psychology Coach she has been able to observe and explore this connection further with clients and is now convinced that sexuality is one of the key elements when it comes to our issues with health, fertility, food & body. Her personal journey led Claudia on the path of Tantra and her work is more and more inspired by it. Claudia practices Mind-Body-Nutrition in individual and group settings, organizes talks and workshops and offers Corporate Nutrition Services in 5 languages.