Eating Inspired by the Moon

Eating Inspired by the Moon

Eating inspired by the Moon 

I have created two programs to help women and girls nourish their Feminine, balance their hormones and/or find peace with food and body.

  • Eating inspired by the Moon to find Peace with Food and Body: for teenage girls, their mothers (on demand also for fathers) and women in general.
  • Eating inspired by the Moon to Rebalance Hormones and for Pre-conception: for women of any age wanting to rebalance her hormones and/or prepare for conception and pregnancy (this process can start even when you are still single and do not plan to have a baby right away).

These programs consist of daily or weekly coaching sessions, organized in modules, and are available in an individual setting. On demand they can also be organized for small, private groups or even big groups (i.e. in schools or sport clubs). The duration of the program is 6 months if sessions are taken weekly and 5 weeks if they are taken daily (intensive program for preconception). This extended time-frame allows for the time and space necessary to do the deep work required for optimal results.

About 20% of the sessions are dedicated to nutrition and “what and how to eat”, the rest is about what’s going on behind the scenes of your challenges with food, body and/or fertility. As a Certified Holistic Nutrition and Eating Psychology Coach I will facilitate and guide those sessions and propose specific readings or exercises to help you truly incorporate each topic. 

Program and Investment

Please contact me per e-mail for the detailed program, schedule and price info.