Group Coaching

Group Coaching

Eating inspired by the Moon weekly classes

If you are ready to create a new relationship with food and your body (and Life in general)
  • A relationship that is real, conscious, holistic, all-inclusive, high-quality, individual and balanced.
  • A relationship of possibilities, not limitations
  • A relationship of Love, not fear
  • A relationship that is deeply anchored in and nourished by a source of inner wisdom rather than relying solely on external knowledge.
  • A relationship that fully embraces thoughts and feelings, spirituality and sexuality.
  • A relationship that unites head, heart and gut
Then my new weekly Eating inspired by the Moon course is for you!

"Eating inspired by the Moon" is a holistic Mind-Body-Nutrition program to help women and girls connect to and nourish their Inner Feminine, balance their hormones (or prevent hormonal imbalances), find peace with food and their body and/or reclaim their energy. It is also ideal to prepare for conception.

These are weekly classes combining Nutrition and Eating Psychology coaching with embodiment exercises (breath, movement, sound, touch) to deepen intimacy (in-to-me-see) with Self and the Other.

In these weekly classes we work on nutrition and in the personal realms simultaneously, addressing you in a holistic way, on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.


  • 3 hours on a Tuesday evening 19-22h for women and on a Wednesday afternoons, 16.30-19.30h for teens, starting Tuesday 12th of February and Wednesday 13th of February. 
  • First half of the class: Nutrition & Eating Psychology Coaching: Designed to provide nutrition education and to address beliefs, thoughts and emotions underlying your challenges with food and body. Each session comprises a mix of knowledge transfer, exchange of experiences, reflections on the given topic, individual coaching and integration exercises. Some of the sessions will be inspired by books.
  • Second half of the class: Embodiment: Designed to help you develop greater self-awareness, self-esteem, self-love and intimacy (in-to-me-see) with yourself and others through practical exercises. Intimacy refers to knowing your inner truth and emotional state, and daring to express it fully through movement, sound, breath and touch (and being able to hold space for others doing the same). 
  • In between there will be a break - do not hesitate to bring your dinner or snack!
  • If needed, you can also just attend one half of the class, either just the nutrition or just the embodiment part!

Investment: 35 Euro per session, 300 Euro per 10 sessions. 20 Euro if half of the session is attended.

The course program is designed for 1 year. This extended time-frame allows for the time and space necessary to do the deep work required for optimal results. You will get most out of this program if you go through all of it, however, participation is flexible: You can drop in session per session or get a card of 10 sessions.

Please note that this program does not push any specific way of eating, except for favoring quality Real Food. Apart from that, we look at you and your individual metabolism to determine your needs and the way of eating that best supports you on your journey. For that I use a combination of Metabolic Typing, principles from Traditional Chinese Medicine, body symbolism, astrology, intuition (yours and mine) and of course your body's feedback.

Not included in this course:

  • Books we might use
  • Supplements I might recommend
  • Tests and analyses (such as the Metabolic Type Analysis or food intolerance testing) I might recommend


To sign up, please send an e-mail to: