Eat and let eat

Eat and let eat

There's a Higher Wisdom to everything, even to veganism. We have to trust the Universe and learn to live and let live. By focusing our energy on building what we believe in rather than what we do not believe in, we prepare the ground and will be ready to help people when times eventually change.


Last weekend I watched the new „health“ „documentary“ „What the Health“ on Netflix and honestly, I got very angry about how inaccurate and misleading most of the presented information was and how the hidden agenda was to promote a vegan diet as the healthiest, most sustainable and most ethical choice.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not “anti-vegan” per se. As you know, I am a big promoter of biochemical individuality and there are certainly people for whom this kind of diet really works – just like there seem to be people who can live on air and sunshine alone. But in both cases, this is not the majority of people. There’s a reason why we humans have the anatomy of an omnivore - not a carnivore, but not a herbivore either. Yes, we can survive on almost any diet in the short run, incl. the so-called “Standard American Diet”, full of sugar, refined carbs, soft drinks and cheap meats, or a diet consisting only of rice in very poor countries, but surviving does not equal thriving nor keeping our ability to reproduce strong. At least not in the long run, generation after generation. In fact, there are no indigenous tribes that are 100% vegan, first of all probably because they are still so much in tune with nature, that the mere thought wouldn’t even occur to them, but if it had, they simply wouldn’t have made it.

We have to be very clear about the fact that veganism the way it is practiced today is a modern experiment that is only possible because of the makeup and convenience of our food system and because of the availability of supplements.

So BECAUSE I am all about respecting a person’s individual biochemistry and the fact that there is no one-size-fits-all, I get angry when a diet that will jeopardize the health and fertility of most people AND the planet in the long run gets promoted as “the” way to go. I have been in their shoes, so I know that they don’t do this with bad intentions in mind, but simply because they don’t know better (yet). I’ve written extensively about how eating meat can actually be healthy, sustainable and even ethical here, so I am not going to repeat the same arguments again in this article.

The point of this article is a different one:

When something triggers us the way this movie has triggered me, it is a sign that it contains an important lesson to learn for US. In this case my lesson has been to realize that there’s a Higher Wisdom to everything that happens and that I have to learn to live and let live.

This is why I have now decided to stop “fighting” this vegan trend. In fact, it makes perfect sense from a Universal perspective. The law of polarity teaches us that when we exaggerate one pole, we will eventually drop into its opposite extreme, before bouncing back into “balance”. Veganism is the extreme answer to a society that has industrially abused animals for many decades. It is a necessary step to collectively allow us to get back to a new normal, which is basically an “old” normal of a diet of natural, pure Real Foods of plant AND animal origin, grown in a respectful, sustainable, ethical, small-scale manner. So me trying to stop that wave is not only a complete waste of my energy, but would not even serve us on a collective level – even if it would prevent individual pain.

I still want to “rescue” people from pain, especially from that kind of pain that I have gone through myself. However, just like children have to burn their own fingers to learn that the plate is hot, experiencing pain is often necessary for us to really integrate learnings. So the best I can do is to trust the wisdom of the Universe and to focus my energy on building what I believe in, rather than fighting what I no longer believe in. Eventually people WILL realize and so the best I can do is to continue communicating my opinions on my website, my blog and in the book I am writing – and offering my help, so that those who ARE ready are able to find it. However, I will stop trying to convince and to offer my advice to those who never asked for it, who more than obviously are not ready for what I have to say yet and who will only resent me for it.

Live and let live - Eat and let eat: very wise words indeed. 


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