Divine Coconut Chocolate Dessert

Divine Coconut Chocolate Dessert

This is an easy-to-make 3 ingredient Real Food dessert that even kids love! It is sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free and soy-free. It derives its sweetness solely from fresh fruit and coconut. These natural sugars are balanced with tons of healthy fats from the coconut, which will prevent your blood sugar from spiking and keep you feeling full and satisfied for long with only a small portion. 

Ingredients for 8-12 portions (depending on your appetite)

  • 5 ripe pears (choose a sweet, juicy variety)
  • 250g coconut butter / puree*
  • 100g of dark chocolate (I used 98%, but anything >80% will do)
  • optional: cinnamon and/or vanilla powder

*Attention, coconut butter is NOT coconut oil, but rather a sort of almond butter but from coconut. If you are interested in this product, I invite you to become a member of my Qualitarian Food Meetup Group on Facebook, where I regularly place group orders for this product in Germany, since it is not easily available in Belgium.


  • Cut the pears into pieces, put into a pot, add a thin layer of water, bring to a boil and cook on a low heat for about 10min until soft.
  • Blend the cooked pears to a puree (compote). Optionally add cinnamon and/or vanilla powder at this stage.
  • Stir in the coconut butter. Because the pear compote is warm, the coconut butter will become soft and creamy and you will be able to completely mix the two without any chunks. (if you care about your coconut butter staying “raw”, you should allow the pear compote to cool down to about 40 degrees before stirring in the coconut butter)
  • Allow the pear-coconut mixture to cool down, either at room temperature, in the fridge or (during the colder seasons) in a covered container outside. 
  • Once the mixture is cooled down, cut the chocolate into small pieces and mix it under the coconut-pear cream. 
  • This dessert tastes great directly out of the fridge and also at room temperature, depending on your preference.


  • Instead of with pear, you can also prepare this dessert with apple compote or even with compote made from red beets or sweet potato. 


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