Be thankful!

Be thankful!

So often we only focus on what goes wrong in our lives, the things we don't have or what we have not achieved yet. In other words, we focus on what we are lacking in our lives. This usually creates feelings of anger, bitterness, worry, sadness, disappointment... But here's the problem:  What we focus our energy on, what we spend most of our time thinking about and especially what we spend most of our day FEELING in our body is what we actively attract more of into our lives. It's like asking the Universe to send us more "lack", more to worry or be sad about. "What you resist, persists". The easiest way out of this vicious cycle is to be grateful! We all have many good things in our lives and more of them happening to us every day. We just don't always notice them - only when they are gone. To change gears towards a life full of abundance and happiness, simply apply the following two techniques:

1.    Make a list of all the good things you already have, like a job, a home, a partner, health, children, a pet...

2.   Start a gratitude diary in which you note down daily in bullet points all of the things that happened to you during the day that you can be grateful for, like a smile, a nice view, a delicious meal, a phone call, the sunshine, a quiet moment...

You will be surprised how by doing that you will not only notice more and more good things and happenings every day, but you will also actively attract even more of them into your life. Sounds too good to be true? Well, just say thank you then and give it a try 😉 And share your experience with me if you like.

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