About Me

Hi, I am Claudia Kaiser, the face and brain behind Metabolance. I was born in 1982 in Germany, but have been living and working abroad since 2004 (Brussels-based since 2008). I am deeply passionate about organic food, holistic health and Mind-Body-Nutrition: the way our food, lifestyle and mindset choices directly influence our (and the planet's) health and fertility. This is why after more than 10 years of working for a big international company, I left my safe, corporate job in 2012 to start a business aligned with that perspective. I ran an organic food shop for 4 years, combining it with one-on-one nutrition coaching. In summer 2017 I decided to close down the shop to focus even more on my private coachings, the corporate nutrition consulting (that has been emerging since 2016) and on writing the book that already exists in my head, but still needs to be put on paper.

I am a person who walks her talk. I have experienced hands-on what it means to struggle with food and body - and what it takes to overcome those challenges.

I developed an Eating Disorder at age 17 (anorexia and later orthorexia) and managed to break free from that Food Prison slowly but steadily throughout my Twenties. However, more than a decade of counting and restricting my calorie, fat and protein intake (especially from animal sources), combined with an intense endurance exercise schedule (I was a middle and long-distance runner) and long study / work hours, left me with Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome. I had major hormonal imbalances and suffered from devastating period pains for years. I also had to go through two unexpected miscarriage at 9 weeks of being pregnant (which later turned out to be a blessing in disguise, confirming one of my core beliefs that everything happens for a reason and is always in our best interest...). 

Today those issues are completely resolved. My relationship with food and with my body is a conscious and loving one. I consider both to be my friend, not my enemy. I absolutely trust my body to self-regulate. My hormones are back in balance and my periods completely regular and pain-free.

In order to get there, I had to dig very deep. Our unwanted habits and symptoms are pointing to areas in our personal lifestyles and mindsets that are in need of change and - if we let them - can be our best friends and biggest teachers. 

I was (am) a typical "type A" character: ambitious, working hard and pushing through. What did not come so natural was to listen to my body and to respect its limits. I would even run a half-marathon when I was sick... In order to heal, I had to learn to slow down, to embrace my Feminine side, to let go of perfectionism, to trust (in Life and in myself) and to love myself enough to stop pushing beyond my limits (and actually enjoying that). I had to learn how to truly listen to and nourish my body and soul.

It took (and it still takes) courage, an open mindcommitment and a strong sense of personal responsibility to choose the road towards health, balance and fertility again and again. It has turned my life upside down more than once, and will certainly continue doing so. 

Of course, I also have a formal education. I am certified as a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Food Advisor (2010), Holistic Nutrition Counselor (2012), Metabolic Typing Advisor (2012) and Eating Psychology Coach (2016). I also hold a bachelor and a master in Business Administration from my "previous" life. 

However, I consider my Life experience to be my (and your) biggest asset when it comes to doing the work I do. I absolutely love what I do. I especially enjoy (and am particularly good at) putting together the puzzle pieces of my clients` stories to a picture that finally makes sense. I also love writing and am currently working on my first book. I am constantly extending my knowledge, from functional medicine to astro-nutrition... there is little I am not interested in.

I thrive on the fact that things are constantly changing and evolving - both in my business and in my personal life. I need adventure and freedom, just like I need routine and stability. Maybe it's because I am an Aquarius who for more than 20 years thought she was a Capricorn :). However, there's one thing that you can always count on, and that is my commitment to being REAL, HONEST and FAIR.