• Frozen fish

    Metabolance offers you healthy, tasty...Metabolance offers you healthy, tasty AND sustainable fish from the independent and small-scale project Pintafish

    You can get seasonal fish filets of about 250-350g or a "seasonal package" of about 2,5kg, featuring varying, rather "unknown" fish sorts at an interesting price. All fish is wild (therefore not labeled organic - only farmed fish can be labeled) and fished with small boats in fishing areas that are not overfished and using sustainable fishing methods. It is vacuum-packed and frozen immediately after the return of the boat for maximum freshness. You'll know how fresh it is when you smell the sea on it...

    Read more about fish and how to consume it here.

  • Megrim with skin/bones, +/- 250g

    Megrim with skin/bones, +/- 250g
  • Mullet with skin, +/- 300g, 1 big piece

    Mullet with skin, +/- 300g, 1 big piece
  • Pout with skin, +/- 300g

    Pout with skin, +/- 300g
  • Saithe without skin, +/- 250g

    Saithe without skin, +/- 250g
  • Seasonal Fish Package, +/- 2300g

    Seasonal Fish Package, +/- 2300g