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Welcome to the Metabolance podcast. In this podcast we discuss topics related to nutrition, sustainability and health - from a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual perspective.
In every episode I join forces with another beautiful soul. Together, we look at a given topic from our respective angles, leverage our unique expertise and create synergies between them. The fruit of this collaboration is some valuable wisdom and insights, that we are happy to share with you here. 
Please feel free to give us feedback, ask questions or send in suggestions. You are also more than welcome to share this resource with others in your world.


Hosted by Claudia Kaiser and Lindsey Curtis

This talk is all about Masculine & Feminine energies that each one
of us carries inside of us, independent of our actual gender expression. Lindsey and Claudia talk about what those energies are, how they manifest, their evolved vs. their unevolved forms and how they relate to food and body. After you finished the podcast, go here for a practice to quickly and profoundly balance your masculine & feminine. 

Growing up in the woods of the northeast United States, Lindsey Curtis has an affinity for connecting with plants, animals, the natural elements and people. She studies with various esoteric schools and learned and practices dreaming/shamanism in Australia. Currently with the School of Images New York, Lindsey uses dreamwork and guided imagery to support people in transforming their lives in order to fully live their heart's dreams. Based in Brussels, she works one on one with clients in the US, Europe & Australia, teaches workshops internationally & online, creates space for regular meditation circles, and continues to study herself daily. To learn more about her and experience your work directly, check out her website at ......


Hosted by Claudia Kaiser and Emily Gold

This talk is all about STRESS.  A common complaint for most of us in the western world Claudia and Emily talk about what stress is and how you can manage it with yoga, meditation and nutrition!    Listen to the end for a special Relaxation Response meditation to reduce stress today!

Emily Gold holds a Masters in Public Health and is a registered yoga teacher as well as a certified doula. Her yoga work focuses on women’s health and wellness including pregnancy, fertility, reproductive health and mental health as well as Hatha, Yin and Restorative Yoga.  Originally from New York, when Emily isn’t on her mat she can be found with a book or knitting needles in her hand or exploring Brussels with her husband and Dog, Puddles.  To learn more about Emily and discover opportunities to enhance your own wellness through yoga visit her website today: