• Close to or over "Best Before" date

    In this section I offer you products...In this section I offer you products that are close to or over their "best before" date at a sharp discount.

    Even though I only take a small stock of everything, it still happens sometimes that a few items do not sell before their official "best before" date. This doesn't suddenly make them unedible or "bad". Opposed to the "consume by" date, which applies to fresh produce, such as meat or fish, the "best before date" is the date until when the manufacturer assumes the responsibility for the product's quality (in terms of texture, appearance, color...).

    While for certain products, such as nuts and seeds, it is indeed recommendable to consume them before the "best before" date (because they contain sensitive fatty acids that oxidize when getting too old), other products can be safely consumed far beyond their "best before date". The best example is honey, which has been found thousands of years later in pyramid graves - and was completely conserved. Still regulatory institutions require a "best before" date even for practically imperishable goods such as honey.
  • Curry, spicy, bio, 35g

    Curry, spicy, bio, 35g
  • Stevia, green powder, bio, 50g

    Stevia, green powder, bio, 50g