• Natural Sweeteners

    Metabolance offers you a selection of...Metabolance offers you a selection of sugar alternatives derived from whole and real foods that are as minimally processed as possible (that's the reason agave nectar is not listed here, since it is a quite processed product). Even though they are "natural", they remain sweeteners and as such caution foods that should be consumed in as small amounts as possible to avoid blood sugar issues.
  • Black Molasses, bio, 680g

    Black Molasses, bio, 680g
  • Stevia, green powder, bio, 50g

    Stevia, green powder, bio, 50g
  • Heather Honey from Belgium, raw, 250ml

  • Cane sugar, light, bio, 1kg

  • Rapadura Unrefined Cane Sugar, bio, fairtrade, 500g

  • Xylitol "Birch Sugar", 750g

    Xylitol Birch Sugar, 750g