• Legumes

    Metabolance offers a choice of...Metabolance offers a choice of organic dry legumes, which are preferably from European origin and demeter certified (biodynamic). This is not always easy to find! Most legumes on the market are sourced from far away (Asia and Latin America). This is an interesting phenomenon, considering that those items are especially popular among consumers caring about sustainability and carbon footprint.  

    Due to logistic reasons you find only a selection of varieties on this website. Please know that I can get you almost any variety you might be looking for, in almost any quantity (from small 500g packs to bulk bags of 5 or 25 kg).

    Read more about legumes and how to prepare / consume them here.
  • Black Beans, bio, bulk per 100g

    Black Beans, bio, bulk per 100g
  • Chickpeas, bio, 500g

    Chickpeas, bio, 500g
  • Chickpeas, bio, bulk per 100g

  • Red Lentils, bio, bulk per 100g