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Liver Detox - Myth or Truth?

25.03.2017 18:44 | 0 Comments

It's spring and all across the health world, you see liver detoxes or spring cleanses being announced. From juice fasting and taking certain herbs or supplements over coffee enemas, to liver flushes... you can find all kinds of protocols, some free, some costing several hundreds of Euros. While it's true that according to Chinese Medicine spring is the season of the liver, what about the need to "cleanse" or "detox" it? Is such a thing even possible? And if yes, is fasting or consuming vegetable juices and/or vegetable broth really the best strategy? 

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Zero Waste at Metabolance

24.03.2017 10:23 | 0 Comments

Besides already being food waste free, Metabolance now also offers you many grains and legumes in bulk.

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Letting Go and Wishing Well Poem

27.01.2017 16:03 | 0 Comments

These days I am processing a lot of "old stuff". This poem is fruit of one sleepless early morning and I want to share it with you for those times when you too need to let go of someone or something, or to set boundaries.

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