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Fipronil in eggs - a problem of industrial farming

09.08.2017 19:11 | 0 Comments

Rather than the fipronil scandal being a problem of both, conventional and organic egg farms in general, it seems to be (again) a problem of industrial scale farming, whether this farming is labeled conventional or indeed “organic”. The best consequence for your health and the farmers who actually do a good job, is thus to reconsider your shopping behaviors, favoring short-circuit distribution systems over supermarkets.  

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Lesson in humility: there are no guarantees

22.07.2017 11:12 | 0 Comments

Sometimes we feel like we only need to “figure it all out”, create a “masterplan” to follow and then things will turn out exactly the way we want them to. In fact many clients come to me with exactly this kind of expectation. However, isn’t it presumptuous to assume that we actually have this kind of “godlike” power? Isn’t it just an attempt to ease our fears of pain, disease and death?

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Mandatory Vaccination vs. Right of Choice

15.07.2017 08:23 | 0 Comments

Is making vaccines mandatory in line with our constitutional rights of self-determination, freedom of thought and physical integrity?

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