• Nutrition Coaching

    "What we eat is only half of the story - the other half is who we are as Eaters"
    (quote taken from the Institute of Psychology of Eating)

    Hi, I am Claudia Kaiser, holistic Nutrition Consultant and Certified Eating Psychology Coach. I am dedicated to help you understand the underlying physical, emotional, mental and spiritual messages of your food and body issues and guide you on your unique path to metabolic and personal balance - in a way that is sustainable and nourishing - for you and also for the planet. I particularly enjoy helping you prepare your body, heart, mind & soul for conception, so you can maximize your chances for an easy conception, a smooth pregnancy, a strong baby, and ideal health & energy throughout the process. 

    The 3 pillars my work relies on are:

    1. Real Food: whole, traditional and mainly unprocessed foods as offered by mother nature
    2. Mind-Body-Nutrition & Dynamic Eating Psychology: a holistic approach that is not limited to the physical level, but also takes into account the thoughts, feelings and beliefs of the Eater
    3. Biochemical Individuality (Metabolic Typing): based on the idea that the same food can have different effects in different people and that different people require different foods and quantities of those foods in order to be in balance.
    By working on nutrition and in the personal realms simultaneously, we approach your challenge in a holistic way. While I don't know what you need to learn before you can finally lose your unwanted symptoms, I do know that there is a good reason for them.

    I am inspired to partner with you on this journey of exploration and discovery, to find out about this reason and the treasures it holds for you. I am here to guide you and help you get where you want to go. I am not here to fix you. In fact, I cannot fix you, because you are not broken in the first place. Your unwanted symptom is your body's way to achieve balance and wholeness. It might be a distorted way, but it makes perfect sense.

    Our job is to find more evolved ways of doing food and life so that they actually work for you, not against you.

    You can come to me with any kind of food & body related challenge, for example:

    • Energy & Fatigue
    • Digestion
    • Body Image Concerns
    • Weight Loss
    • Emotional Eating, Overeating, Binge Eating, Chronic Dieting
    • Preconception & Fertility
    • Baby and Child Nutrition

    Because of my personal story, I am especially good at helping you to break free from food prison (heal your relationship with food and the Feminine) and to restore your hormonal balance and fertility (please click on the highlighted links for more information about these topics).

    How it works

    You can work with me in the form of face-to-face sessions, either in person coming to my office or virtually via skype. The sessions are mainly talking, combined with some breathing, meditation, visualisation or sentence-completion exercises, if applicable. I select and prepare a specific topic per session (based on your Strategic Roadmap Document, see below), but also leave enough room for "life-unfolding" to determine what we will be focusing on. You will get all kinds of different homeworks in between sessions, i.e. adaptations to your dietary habits, mindfulness exercises, self-reflection exercises, suggested readings, mirror work, and whatever else I feel would help you with your particular challenge. 

    Strategic Intake

    The process always starts with an extensive, strategic intake. The goal of this intake is to understand your situation as a whole, to assess where you are currently at, to identify factors contributing to your issue, and to define a clear strategy and concrete action points to help you get where you want to go. The strategy and tactics will be summarized in your Strategic Roadmap Document, that you can keep whether or not we decide to work together. You will get some first homework assignments to put in practice immediately. It is also the moment for both of us to decide whether or not we are a good fit and want to continue walking this road together. Even if you are not ready at this point in time to commit to a follow-up package (see below), this session has a high value also as a stand-alone, because it helps you to understand your challenge in a holistic way and provides you orientation on what it will take to solve it.


    After the intake, and if we indeed feel that we are a good match, I ask you to commit to a package of 12 sessions. Please note that I do no longer work on a session per session basis. There are several reasons that I choose to work like that:

    1. The transformations we are looking for are deep and take time. From my experience, taking only 1 or 3 or even 6 sessions will just not be enough time to allow us to get to the really important stuff, and thus the results you get will also only scratch the surface and you will likely be disappointed, which is not good for either of us. I am committed (in collaboration with the Universe) to help you realize big results, but for that I also need big commitment from your side.
    2. It allows me to create and implement a step-by-step plan based on your Strategic Roadmap Document. This process has its logic, with the steps building on each other. If we don't get to the end of it, it won't produce its results, leaving us both frustrated.
    3. From experience I know that somewhere around session 6 things can get tough and motivation can plummet. If there is no commitment, it is easy to fall off the wagon there, whereas it would be exactly the point in time to push through (because things usually get worse before they get better).
    4. It allows us both to manage our schedules, since we will directly block 12 dates (which can be moved in case of emergency).

    If after that 12 session pack you want to continue, I offer 6 session packs as well.

    Consultations are possible in English, German, French, Dutch or Spanish. Face-to-face sessions can be taken in person (office in Ixelles) or on distance (skype...).


    Face-to-face sessions (in person or via skype):

    • Initial strategic intake session: 270 Euro. This price covers the 90 min face-to-face or virtual session plus the time to prepare your case based on the extensive intake form that I ask you to fill in before the session and the time to write your Strategic Roadmap Document (SRD), summarizing all the Mind-Body strategies and action points that I identified during the session. If this session takes place in person at my office, you also get a Metabolic Screening.
    • Package of 12 follow-up sessions: 1.300 Euro. This price covers the 12x60 min face-to-face or virtual session plus the time to write a short summary of the session incl. the main take-aways, the homework exercises and (if applicable) links to additional resources. The package also includes a Metabolic Type Analysis. Follow-up sessions are scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on your case.
    • Package of 6 follow-up sessions (only after package of 12 has been completed): 600 Euro


    • All prices include 21% VAT.
    • Please note that my services are usually not reimbursed by social security.
    • Allowances are possible in the case of financial difficulties.
    • As part of the program I might suggest you get additional blood work done (in collaboration with your GP) and/or take certain supplements. Please take into account an additional budget of 200-500 Euro for that.

    Get started

    Don't hesitate to contact me at info@metabolance.com or +32 477 759285, if you have any questions or to ask for your initial strategic intake!