Food for Fertility Dinner Experience

06.05.2015 15:26 | Organic Food, Nutrition


Did you know that:

  • An alarming 1 out of 8 couples has trouble getting pregnant or maintaining a pregnancy (even when still in their 20's!)?
  • That the babies being conceived and carried to term - for the first time in two centuries - may have a shorter life expectancy than their parents?
  • That many women end up with decreased health after having given birth (e.g. thyroid issues, autoimmune issues, depression or simply extreme, chronic fatigue)?

Could our modern diet and lifestyle be playing a role? We believe they do!

The ability to conceive easily, to carry to term without major complications and to give birth to strong, healthy offspring - without the health of the mother being compromised in the long run - is the gift nature grants to all healthy beings on this planet. In fact, infertility is an integrated signal of all the different body systems failing!

This is why adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle is something that ideally starts BEFORE conception and is embraced by BOTH partners. Although not a guarantee, getting things "right" prior to conception will increase the quality of your egg or your sperm, fill up your nutrient reserves and thus optimize the chances for a healthy, strong, well-nourished baby AND mother.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misconception and bad (industry-influenced) information out there when it comes to define what a "healthy" diet means. So even when eating a supposedly "healthy" diet as promoted in main stream, you could still be deficient in essential nutrients and thus suffer from decreased fertility.

Men and women, single or in couple, join us for our "Food for Fertility" dinner experience:

  • Learn all about fertility "blockers" and "boosters" (some of which will surprise you) - and why preparing for your future baby cannot start early enough!
  • Enjoy a 3-course dinner of 7 great tasting dishes inspired by traditional wisdom and prepared with carefully selected, fresh, organic plant and animal foods. 

For whom?

This event is ideal for:

  • Singles or couples wanting to optimize their own health and fertility - before, during and after pregnancy
  • Singles or couples wanting to lay the best possible foundation for a new life in the future
  • Couples wanting to get pregnant

The information provided during this event goes far beyond "don't eat sugar and junk food". So even if you are already into healthy eating, you will be inspired by new, eye-opening, sometimes surprising facts that might just make the difference between "ok" and "optimal" for you!


About the Team

The "Food for Fertility" event brings together the experience and expertise of:

Claudia Kaiser: Certified Nutrition Counselor and founder of Metabolance - a customized nutrition advice service and organic Real Food shop. Claudia wants to create awareness about the connection between prospective parent's diet and lifestyle and their fertility, and optimise the health of mothers and children through nutrition. She will be the "storyteller" during this event and answer all your questions. 

Neil Evans: Passionate Cook and co-author of the story and cookbook "What's Cooking in Belgium", Neil will prepare a seven course menu of great tasting dishes using only fertility enhancing organic ingredients. 

Mana Constantinescu: The creative food designer / art director of the team will make sure that what you eat looks like a piece of art and is in harmony with the overall aesthetic that she has prepared for the "Food for Fertilty" event.

Dinner in collaboration with Open Kitchen.
Only 20 places available.
Next Dinner foreseen for March 2016!

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