• Mind-Body-Nutrition Coaching for Everyone

    "What we eat is only half of the story - the other half is who we are as Eaters"
    (quote taken from the Institute of Psychology of Eating)

    Hi, I am Claudia Kaiser, holistic Nutrition Consultant and Certified Eating Psychology Coach. I am dedicated to help you understand the underlying physical, emotional, mental and spiritual messages of your food and body issues and guide you on your unique path to metabolic and personal balance - in a way that is sustainable and nourishing - for you and also for the planet. I particularly enjoy helping you prepare your body, heart, mind & soul for conception, so you can maximize your chances for an easy conception, a smooth pregnancy, a strong baby, and ideal health & energy throughout the process. 

    The 3 pillars my work relies on are:

    1. Real Food: whole, traditional and mainly unprocessed foods as offered by mother nature
    2. Mind-Body-Nutrition & Dynamic Eating Psychology: a holistic approach that is not limited to the physical level, but also takes into account the thoughts, feelings and beliefs of the Eater
    3. Biochemical Individuality (Metabolic Typing): based on the idea that the same food can have different effects in different people and that different people require different foods and quantities of those foods in order to be in balance.

    You can come to me with any kind of food & body related challenge, for example:

    • Energy & Fatigue
    • Digestion
    • Body Image Concerns
    • Weight Loss
    • Emotional Eating, Overeating, Binge Eating, Chronic Dieting
    • Preconception & Fertility
    • Baby and Child Nutrition

    Because of my personal story, I am especially good at helping you to break free from food prison (heal your relationship with food and the Feminine) and to restore your hormonal balance and fertility (please click on the highlighted links for more information about these topics).

    Please click here to learn more about how to work with me.