• Metabolance

      Metabolance helps...Metabolance helps you understand the underlying physical, emotional, mental and spiritual messages of your food & body issues and guides you on your unique path to metabolic and personal balance - in a way that is sustainable and nourishing - for you and also for the planet. 

    Metabolance particularly helps you prepare your body, heart, mind & soul for conception, so you can maximize your chances for an easy conception, a smooth pregnancy, a strong baby, and ideal health and energy throughout the process.

    The 3 pillars

    1. Real Food: whole, traditional and mainly unprocessed foods as offered by mother nature
    2. Biochemical Individuality (Metabolic Typing): based on the idea that the same food can have different effects in different people and that different people require different foods and quantities of those foods in order to be in balance.
    3. Mind-Body-Nutrition & Dynamic Eating Psychology: a holistic approach that is not limited to the physical level, but also takes into account the thoughts, feelings and beliefs of the Eater - because as human beings we are more than a simple input-output machine for nutrients

    Become empowered by better understanding your own metabolism. With my assistance, dare to explore and to experiment with different foods, lifestyle and mindset choices, to find those that help YOU be healthy, fit and at your ideal weight. Slowly learn to reconnect to your intuition and own inner expert. Find all foods in the right quality at my shop.

    Metabolance offers

    Holistic & Individualized Mind & Body Nutrition Coaching: 

    • For fertility, energy, digestion, body image, food obsessions, weight, emotional eating, binge eating, overeating & general well-being
    • Session per session or as a 12 session package
    • Face-to-face in Brussels (Ixelles or Schaerbeek) or via skype
    • Possible in English, French, Dutch, German & Spanish

    Shop for sustainable AND nourishing Real Food in Brussels and online:

    • Only truly sustainable AND nourishing Real Foods
    • Fresh, local & seasonal food from small farms
    • Selected dry food portfolio
    • 100% food waste-free concept
    • 100% flexible one-stop shopping

    Corporate Nutrition Services

    • Nutrition Coaching for your employees or cooks
    • Nutrition Consulting for your canteen
    • Food Supply Solutions for your conference rooms, canteen and/or employees

    The Metabolance Philosophy

    • Metabolic balance is the pre-requisite for personal balance and personal balance is the pre-requisite for metabolic balance. The more we balance our body, mind & soul, the more balance we bring to the world.
    • Everything in this world is connected because everything is Energy. What we think, feel & do affects ourselves, other living beings and the world. With such great power comes great responsibility.
    • There is no "coincidence". Everything happens for a reason and is always in our best interest, even if we cannot always see or understand it.
    • A symptom/disease is a "higher wisdom" speaking through the body, asking for something. Consider it an opportunity to learn an important soul lesson, not a punishment or a problem to be fought.
    • Being relaxed and able to trust Life will create the ideal conditions for healing body, mind and soul.
    • One man?s cure can be the other man?s poison. There is no ?one-size-fits-all? ? neither in nutrition nor in any other aspect of life. Respect your own and other people's individuality.
    • Local, small-scale organic farms are the key to transforming our food system and long-term sustainability. Let's support them as much as we can.
    • Animals are needed for a functioning ecosystem of giving and taking. Eating meat or produce from pasture-fed, free-range, small-scale organic animals is healthy and sustainable.
    • Never compromise on food quality. Always choose the most natural Real Food available and affordable at a certain moment. You are what you eat. Make food a priority in your life.
    • Change starts inside of us. Be the change you want to see in the world. Realize the power you hold in your hands with your attitude, behaviour and money to make small and big change happen.
    • Enjoy the process. Take one step at a time towards a more sustainable life. Don?t stress about taking the ?right? decision all the time. Nobody?s perfect.

    The Metabolance Vision & Mission

    The Metabolance Vision is a world in balance, in which people are conscious of how they are connected to the rest of the Universe and thus take responsibility for themselves and their actions, recognizing and respecting each living being's individuality and being thankful for its contribution to the circle of life. In this world, people love themselves enough to make dietary, lifestyle & mindset choices that actually nourish them instead of harming them. Adults are conscious about how their own choices affect their (unborn) children and even childrens' children and take adequate time to prepare body, mind & soul for conception.

    The Metabolance Mission is to create awareness for the link between dietary, lifestyle & mindset choices and overall health & well-being in general, and fertility in particular. I want to help you achieve YOUR individual personal & metabolic balance, because a world in balance is made up by people in balance.

    Metabolance is a choice for people willing to take the responsibility for their happiness and well-being in their own hands, making their inner balance their first priority, realizing that this "healthy egotism" is the very foundation for a world in balance.

    The Metabolance Values


    In partnership with the Universe, I focus on strengthening & rebalancing your body, mind & soul with the fuels and tools that are right for YOU, so that in unison they can self-regulate any existing or future imbalance.


    I have no "one-size-fits-all" toolkit, but adjust my advice and coaching to your individual situation, needs and metabolism. I might run a Metabolic Type analysis with you in the beginning to help you orientate you, but my ultimate goal is to empower you by reconnecting you with your natural intuition and own inner expert - the only ones who exactly know what you need to be in balance at a given moment.


    I strive to offer only truly sustainable foods and products that at the same time are also nourishing. I only sell what I would use for myself. I am constantly ready to adjust my portfolio to new findings, so that you can be sure that what you get is good for you, the farmer, the animals and the planet.