• Frozen 100% grass-fed meat

    100% grass-fed Galloway cows from...100% grass-fed Galloway cows from Belgium and 100% grass-fed "Pure Graze" cows from the Netherlands.

    The Galloway cows animals are not raised for consumption in a first place, but have a "purpose", which is the maintenance of Natuurpunt natural reserves in Flanders. They spend most of their lives outside, looking for food, grazing on grass and herbs, walking many kilometres. This produces a meat that is darker and firmer than (partially) grain-fed meat.

    The Pure Graze project in the Netherlands raises cows according to holistic grazing methods on 100% grass and pasture. The grazing area is regularly rotated so that the animals always feed on fresh grass and the soil has time to recover before the next round.

    100% grass-fed meat has many advantages over grain-fed meat.

    The meat is vacuum-packed and FROZEN.

    You can get it on Fridays - only 5 min "off the market" taking place at Place Chasseurs Ardennais !